Saturday 27 December 2014

Kaitlin is 39 months old!

Kaitlin has eaten her first waffle fries, popcorn chicken and garlic bread! (All this happened at the Plaza Singapura event)
She's really into milo these days
Has gotten the hang of using a fork and spoon
She is able to eat slightly large pieces of food as compared to last time

Babygirl has friends that she prefers to play and communicate with
Kaitlin's been super happy and friendly with our upstairs neighbour's kid! It's so cute like they would say 'Hi' to each other by the door! And Kaitlin goes "I like that kor kor!"
She is able to travel from school to home without diapers!
Kaitlin used the kid's potty at the mall for the first time.
Is able to remember the sequence and movement of her class performance for the year-end school concert

Has started to draw! They don't exactly like what they are but I guess she draws based on imagination E.g. socks, xylophone
Able to spell her first name
She is able to ride her scooter with some assistance
Kaitlin can bend over without falling
Kaitlin loves the book, "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" by Judith Kerr. Whenever I let her choose what book she wants to read before bedtime it's this book! So much so that she can complete the sentences when I read it to her!
She can tell her own short stories