Wednesday 3 December 2014

November [ in pictures ]

Wow it's already December! Last month of 2014. I feel like there's a ton of stuff I want to do before the year comes to an end but yet there's a part of me that forever procrastinates :( Seriously need to do something about that!

That aside, November totally flew past. We kickstarted November by going for our first race, the Hello Kitty race! For a moment, I kind of felt like we did the race awhile back but thanks to Instagram, I got reminded that we did it on the first day of Nov.

Another highlight of the month was gathering with friends! Val flew back to SG and I got to catch up with the girls :D It was a much needed catch up and I'm already missing them and looking forward to our next catch up session.

One of the Sundays, Kaitlin fell pretty ill and I was so worried.  If it was a common cough or cold I wouldn't be so anxious, but she was vomiting and that's not something we are very used to.  Plus her school was having a case of HFMD, so that made me even more concerned. Thank goodness after the trip to the docs, she was much better the next day.

We've already started to get into the festive mood, well mostly just me trying to get Kaitlin into the Christmas spirit! We have done a few winter/christmas themed activities and instead of going to school this week, she's going to a holiday programme at BlueTree Education Centre.

Pretty excited to see how December turns out, and I'm feeling a mix of emotions about how the year is already coming to an end!

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