Monday 22 December 2014

Plaza Singapura launches Kids' Parties and Craft Workshops!

When I was young, Plaza Singapura was one of those family malls that my Dad would bring me to quite often. In fact, I remember I even used to go for Yamaha lessons there! That was ages ago and it's wonderful that the mall is now celebrating it's 40th anniversary! 

In line with that, the mall is rolling out a series of parties and art and craft workshops just for kids! From March 2015 onwards, one lucky child will be chosen each month to host an exclusive party worth up to S$2,500 for their friends at the Plaza Singapura Family Lounge. 

Kaitlin and I had the opportunity to check out what the Kids' Party hosted by Plaza Singapura will be like!

The party started off with a balloon artist entertaining the kids! Kaitlin requested for a pink elephant and she got exactly what she wanted. The talented balloon artist was able to create all sorts of creations that was requested from the kids. 

The next activity was art and craft! Kaitlin got to play junior chef by creating her own sushi from clay! 

It was the first time that Kaitlin is playing and crafting with clay so it was a new experience for her. Though she needed my assistance at some points, she was still able to craft mostly on her own. Also while as you can see her creations didn't look as cute as the ones on display, the activity was good enought to keep her entertained and she even wanted to make another one! 

After all that sushi making, the kids had a go at designing their very own tote bags. A variety of templates and markers as well as embellishments were provided for them to get as creative as they wanted to be.

Initially, Kaitlin chose template designs and we traced it together. Then, Kaitlin wanted to design the rest of the tote bag free hand without any templates. Though knowing that her tote bag would end up being not the prettiest of tote bags, I just let her be since she was so into it. I mean just look at how focused she was! She drew socks, xylophone, yo-yo and a triangle. Two thumbs up for her creativity!

Amongst all the activities planned out, I would have to say that Kaitlin enjoyed designing her own tote bag the most. I mean, the girl had marker ink all over her palms -.-

After all the activities, the children got to rest and relax for abit before it was lunch time! The family lounge has a television, as well as books to keep both parents and kids entertained. There's also a pantry area where you can have some refreshments. Not forgetting, there are massage chairs too! It's definitely great place to chill at if you're tired from all that shopping!

Lunch was provided by Plaza Singapura, and let's just say that Kaitlin got to enjoy more than she normally would have. She had her first taste of garlic bread, waffle fries and popcorn chicken! I know you might think that Kaitlin must have been living under a cave, it's not that, but rather cos I'm pretty strict with her diet. Well, since it was a party, I couldn't say no to the little girl! Afterall, a little wouldn't hurt.

At the end of the party, Kaitlin got to bring home her own creations as well as gifts. When we left, I asked Kaitlin is she had fun, she said yes and that she wanted to go again!


Kid's Party
Children aged 5-12 years old can stand a chance to be one of the lucky kids chosen to host their own party just like the one we had the opportunity of attending! There will be fun-filled activities and lunch will be provided. To stand a chance to win, simply participate in monthly contests that will be announced by Plaza Singapura in January 2015. One child will be chosen and the party will be held on the last Saturday of every month at the Plaza Singapura Family Lounge.

Art & Craft Workshops
Plaza Singapura has launched weekly craft workshops at it's Family Lounge. Workshops are held on all weekends at 4 timeslots - 1pm, 2.15pm, 3.30pm and 4.45pm. There will be different age appropriate activities for kids to get creative. While providing an art playground for the little ones, the workshops are also dedicated to opening young minds to innovative art processes. Between learning about colours, lines, shapes and different art mediums, children can also have fun experiencing different art concepts.

To register your kids, shoppers simply need to spend a minimum of S$50 at any shop.

Disclaimer: We were invited to attend the Kids' Party at the Plaza Singapura Family Lounge. All opinions and views are my own and was not influenced by any external factors.

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