Tuesday 16 December 2014

Review: "5 Days of Christmas" Holiday Programme at BlueTree Education

Kaitlin and I started December off by attending a holiday programme at BlueTree Education! Even though this meant that we would be a little more busy, I was still interested to see what this newly opened learning centre opened by fellow SMB mommy, Elizabeth, had to offer! So instead of sending Kaitlin to preschool, we spent five days having some Christmas fun whilst learning. 

Every day, the children were introduced to different Christmas characters - Snowman, Reindeer, Christmas Elves, Christmas Tree and Santa Claus!

The classes were conducted by Elizabeth and SMB mommy, Mabel. Each day there was story-telling which I found was a good way to introduce the different characters to Kaitlin.

There was speech and drama too. I was glad there was speech and drama with some song and dance everyday as I wanted to see how Kaitlin would be like in class cos this girl can be quite the drama queen at home. Also, cos I've been thinking of signing her up for speech and drama classes. Well, she wasn't as animated as she is around familiar people, but she did participate which I was glad to see. Considering that its a new environment, with new teachers and friends I could understand why she was a little more reserved and shy since she can be like that sometimes even on normal days. However with Teacher Mabel and Teacher Amber's enthusiastic energy and encouragement plus given time to feel more comfortable and open up, Kaitlin participated more and more so yay two thumbs up babygirl! 

On some of the days when we were at home in the afternoons, I would talk to her about what we did in class and some of the actions we learnt and she would do it happily. It was great to see that she could remember what we did and find it fun when we were doing it on our own as well. 

Colouring was one of those activities where Kaitlin was super focused. To be honest, I've never seen her this focused when it comes to colouring and though she had a serious face on while colouring, I know she enjoyed it!

Not forgetting, there was art and craft which was conducted by SMB mommy, Diana. This talented mommy's really creative and awesome with crafts and super patient too! At times, we (okay, more like my fault!) didn't manage to do our crafts right, and Diana would be totally alright with it and help us out. We made crafts based on the characters that we learnt each day and Kaitlin got to bring them home too. 

Kaitlin got to play games too during Teacher Diana's class. I like how the children get to learn the fun way. I always for such ways of teaching!

On the last day of the holiday programme, there was a surprise for the kids! They got to meet....Santa Claus! I initially thought that Kaitlin might be afraid to go up to Santa to get her gift, but hey this girl has definitely grown up and learnt to be more courageous!

It was a great 5 days of Christmas learning fun for Kaitlin and I. I was glad to be able to bond with Kaitlin and see how Kaitlin is like during class (cos on a normal basis I can't observe her at preschool) and also to meet other mommies! I could tell that Kaitlin enjoyed herself too - she was willing to participate, was focused, listened to instructions and the best part was her talking about class after we went home and in the mornings before we arrived at class! Thank you for inviting us down BlueTree Education :)

I know how some parents may find that preschool kids may be abit young for enrichment lessons or holiday programmes, but to me I think it's good exposure for the kids as long as they enjoy themselves and aren't forced or pressured into it.

If you were wondering, BlueTree Education is run by a team of ex-MOE teachers and curriculum specialists who have taught in Singapore schools. With years of teaching experience, this enrichment enterprise aims to redefine learning, thinking and creativity in the ever-changing landscape in Singapore through their pre-primary and primary programmes.

BlueTree Education's differentiated teaching strategies and specially designed curriculum will assist children in acquiring core thinkings skills of thinking critically, inventively and reflectively as their foundation of learning and help them grow to be a thinker, learner and achiever.

The best part is how they have small-class sizes which are great for facilitating a learning environment that supports a thinking culture. 

For updates about their latest programmes, do check out BlueTree Education's Facebook page!

Disclaimer: We were invited by BlueTree Education to attend their Holiday Programme. All opinions and views in this post are my own and was not influenced by any external factors. 


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