Monday 2 February 2015

January [ in pictures ]

One month into the new year has just passed by like that! At times, it felt like time was ticking away so so slowly, and at times it went by faster than I wanted it to. If only we could make the moments we  like and enjoy to last a little longer, and to make those trying days pass a little faster.

I can't be more glad that this month I got to spend more time with Kaitlin. That sort of meant that she missed out on quite a fair bit with what's going on in school, but better than running the risk of getting HFMD!

This month, I started reading again. I finally found time to head to the bookstore and browse through books. I got a little excited and ended up buying four books. I finished two books within a week and a half. I kind of stopped reading for bit after that, but I'm definitely planning to start reading again in February.

Besides that I also managed to start on one of my goals which was to go running more often! So glad that I got through a month of it :D Definitely do feel a little healthier which is a good thing. Perseverance is hard, but I'm gonna try. I feel like this is one of the ways that will help me to learn to be more persevering with regards to life matters.

There have been ups and downs this past month. Been feeling a mixture of emotions and doing quite a bit of thinking about the past, present and future. It hasn't been easy. On the bright side though, I'm thankful for all the impromptu meet-ups where I got to catch up with friends and other pockets of happy moments!

February is another month where there'll be a major change - Kaitlin starts full-day school! In fact, today was her first day. I hate change, and when the change concerns Kaitlin I'm not exactly very alright with it, but I'll just have to adapt and deal with it!

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