Wednesday 25 February 2015

Kaitlin is 41 months old!

Kaitlin started full day school
Kaitlin got a float upgrade
She has recently been more brave when it comes to water play
She's been singing her own version of 'Sugar' by Maroon 5
She had her first Skype call with another kid who's around the same age as her. Though it was only a short while, they interacted!! So cute omgxz.

Kaitlin has started to learn 'bi hua'
Knows the phonic sounds of 'T', 'N', 'S', 'M'
Able to draw a simple face - circle/oval, two dots and a smile
Knows the order of the days of the week

Kaitlin tasted ketchup for the first time (thanks to Godpa!)
Kaitlin had her first taste of CNY snacks - bak kwa, love letters, pineapple tarts, melon seeds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts, etc
Kaitlin was able to say "xin nian kuai le", "gong xi fa cai", "wan shi ru yi", "sheng ti jian kang", "bu bu gao sheng". In front of other people she would need some prompting, but if its just us she can!
When I first taught her "bu bu gao sheng" she thought it was very funny cos it sounded like  "poo poo"
She performed a CNY performance for the first time in school!

This month's milestones is up more than a week late! CNY prep kept me pretty busy, and after CNY I've just been so tired out from everything that I just needed a mini break esp since Kaitlin has recently been in a whiny phase and her attitude is back. Just when I thought we were finally done with the 'terrible twos' phase, now I've to deal with rebellion in a different form. To be completely honest, I feel like my patience is being tested everyday. I've been a little more strict with Kaitlin recently just cos I feel like certain behaviour/actions cannot be condoned and I've reached a stage where I just don't get how other people view the way I discipline Kaitlin. Like I used to try not to set things straight with Kaitlin when we are out but now I feel like it needs to be done or else she thinks I'm not being serious and she can get her way just cos we are out or cos other people apart from us are around.

Kaitlin is seriously becoming more like me. In terms of her actions and behaviour. I feel like I need to be extra careful now with how I deal with situations with her. It's not so much the day-to-day things I do that I'm afraid she'll follow but more so of how I deal with her when she isn't behaving. Like e.g. if she misbehaves and I end up shouting at her, she'll follow that. So whilst I'm trying to get my point across firmly to her I feel like I need to learn to control my temper and not behave in a way she will follow. 

I so hope this phase passes by soon and doesn't stay forever like become a habit of hers. For e.g whining. I know part of how she behaves is probably my fault, and my oh my I feel like crap about that. I even feel like I need to re-evaluate myself as a person cos of that. While I try to fix all this, I'm going to have to do lots of deep breathing and try to understand things from Kaitlin's point of view and get my point across to her so that she understands why she should and shouldn't do certain things. *cross fingers* that things will get better. 

Ahhh even though I feel like I'm going to growing white hairs/have severe hair loss already feeling all stressed out and frustrated by this, it's alright babygirl, cos mommy loves you alot! Forever and always. Mommy will try and figure a way out to communicate to and with you so that there'll be more happy moments and less sulking ones <3

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