Tuesday 10 March 2015

CNY 2015

CNY is over and this post is late..again! Idk why but at first I was pretty excited to blog about CNY but then this post has been hanging out in my drafts folder for like a week plus. And all I typed out was a few sentences. Well, here I am, kicking myself in the butt to write this post cos if not future me is gonna be annoyed that I did not blog about CNY and cannot remember what happened.

This year's CNY was a little more busy than the last couple of years. Mainly because we invited our friends over for steamboat! Our friends usually come over during CNY but it's more chill..this year though, I got a little bit more busy preparing for it.

We went to Chinatown twice to get some goodies, decorations and a dress for Kaitlin. In fact, we also got some goodies from Msia for our relatives. Queued up for Lim Chee Guan bak kwa for two hours. It's my first time doing that okay. Queuing up for two whole hours for bak kwa is no joke. I don't think I'll ever do that again! That aside, most part of the preparation was spent at the supermarket and market and oh my I tell you. The few days before CNY starts is like mayhem at the supermarket. Be it in the morning or afternoon or evening -.- Everyone was just chionging to get everything..and okay so the auntie side of me is coming out and noting this for life to myself and to whoever is reading that just be kiasu and buy in advance esp if it's frozen stuff or stuff that can keep longer cos they would run out. Also, then you won't have to jostle as much.

Ended up buying so much that we turned on our spare freezer. Times like this I am thankful we have a spare freezer.

Aside from that, spring cleaning was done pretty last minute. I guess Kaitlin starting full day school recently was kind of a good thing cos I managed to spend a few of the days cleaning some stuff. I threw out abit of stuff like mainly rubbish..not really decluttering. So fail. Well tbh, decluttering was not on my agenda cos there was not much time and ok fine..I'm a hoarder.

A few days before CNY, Kaitlin's school had a CNY celebration and this year we got to watch the kids put up a short performance. The kids were all so adorbs and I would want to share the pictures and videos here but at the same time I've to respect the privacy of the kids and the parents so I can't. Besides the performance, we also lo hei-ed with the children.

On CNY Day 9, Kaitlin's school invited a lion dance troupe to the school and the kids and parents got to watch. I was pretty happy that the school did this cos Kaitlin loves to watch the lion dance performance and last year we would chance upon them during our afternoons out during the CNY period, but with Kaitlin in full day school there was no opportunity for her to catch it. Thankfully we managed to watch the lion dance performance in  school and were in such close proximity to the lion as well!


CNY Eve is always spent at my in-laws. This time round we decided to bring Kaitlin's worksheets and toys over so that she could play and not be so bored. We had dinner and then home. Impromptu decision to count down to CNY at River Hongbao. The fireworks were so preets, and for some reason the fireworks seemed to be even louder than the ones during the week before National Day last year! Played for abit at the Uncle Ringo area (yay I got a panda!) and then chill drinks to end the night.

CNY Day 1

Cooked longevity noodles for brekkie and Kaitlin got to have some and yay the bub liked it! Kaitlin bai nian with us and then we spent the afternoon having steamboat and nuahing at home. Evening was spent having dinner at my Aunt's place where we caught up with most of the other relatives.

CNY Day 2

I went for a run in the morns, so glad I did cos of all the unhealthy eating that comes with CNY. I felt a little healthier that day and gave myself the excuse that since I exercised, I could eat more. Heh. Daddy Li's friends came over in the evening and had steamboat and lou hei-ed! After that I headed out for a night's out while Daddy Li stayed home with his friends playing games.

CNY Day 3

Kaitlin and I spent the morning at home while Daddy Li went to work. I went for a run in the afternoon and then my friends came over! We had steamboat for dinner and even had two rounds of it. Was so happy that I managed to catch up with the girls :D That night was Daddy Li's turn for his night out.

CNY Day 4

Kaitlin had no weekend class so we decided to bring the bub out to play! She loves to play at the water area at Vivo City now which is like yayy for us cos she used to be afraid of it. Babygirl had been sleeping later than usual with all the CNY celebrations/gatherings that we had so some adjusting was needed to get her back into the usual routine. That day, we tried to let her skip a nap so that she would sleep earlier that evening..well our planned sort of work and she don't throw any tantrums...then when we were heading home in the evening she started being a little clingy and was super tired out then she fell asleep otw home. Plan sort of failed..well we tried to wake her up if not that meant that she may end up sleeping super late that night. The poor bub was so tired out that that didn't work till when we got home and then I distracted and her and she was back to her usual self. Thankfully she managed to fall asleep pretty early that evening!

Oh yes, we had tangyuan in the evening on the last day of CNY, but for some reason, Kaitlin was being cranky and didn't really wanna have it -.- oh well, maybe next year she'll want to eat it!

So that's about it for CNY..Lots of eating, lots of catching up which was great of course. Now, the problem though is to lose all the weight gained D:

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