Thursday 5 March 2015

February [ in pictures ]

February has been a month of changes and celebrations! 

For a start, babygirl started full-day school. That own its own is already quite a huge change for both Kaitlin and I.

I also finally took a short trip out of Singapore. When I say short. I mean really short. Like day trip out of SG to JB. I know. Don't judge. At least I'm sort of out of the country. Which I haven't been out off since the last time we went to Bintan when Kaitlin was around a year old. Though it was short and pretty rushed as I didn't want to be late to pick Kaitlin up, it was still nice to be away for a bit. So I ended up going again the week after!

Even though we technically celebrated CNY over four days including CNY kind of felt like CNY took over half of Feb. For the past one and a half weeks before CNY, I felt like I was rushing to prepare for it. We went to Chinatown twice, and then I went to the supermarket for three consecutive days, and even to the wet market on CNY eve and like more than half the shops were close and prices were jacked up. Well, wet market noob over now I know and now from next year on I won't be silly and go to the wet market on CNY eve. I know damn kiasu, don't judge. We were going to have guests over and I didn't want to end up not having enough food and enough variety for them. So well CNY this year was pretty awesome cos I got to catch up with friends, esp when all of them are so busy. I was so eagerly looking forward, as was Kaitlin!

Feb felt like such a busy month up till when CNY was over. Didn't help that I've been feeling unwell on and off since the week before CNY :( Gahh..when will my body every be normal -.- 

All that aside, February also felt like a month of slight changes. It's amazing how much can change in a matter of a month, and to an extent, how much can change over a few days. I feel like life, or rather, change can be pretty scary. It sucks that change is inevitable and that change is the only constant. As with everything, I'm happy about some and I'm sad about others..and I'm sort of glad that I realised certain things. Like I feel like there's a little bit more clarity towards some of the things I've been figuring out..which for now, is a good thing. I only hope that I can stay strong.

We're already into a 1/4 of the year. So fast! Felt like the year just started, when in actual fact it has zoomed past. I feel like I need to do something soon, if not 2015 would just feel like any other year and would fly by just like that. Totally need to sort out my priorities, my plans..basically everything. Not procrastinate and not think so much till I can't be bothered again.

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