Monday 30 March 2015

March Monster Mash

During the March Holidays I continued to bring Kaitlin to childcare but on one of the days, they had a day off due to teacher training which was in a way perfect for us cos I was thinking of letting her skip a day of school to go out and have some fun!

The initial plan was to bring Kaitlin to the beach/water playground, but since I found there was an ongoing event at Gardens By the Bay for kids during the March Hols, I thought why not bring her to this first, and then we could go to the beach/water playground another time..and well, it was a pretty good choice!

These were the first few pictures we took once we reached:

Initially I did have thoughts of whether Kaitlin would be afraid of the monsters at the March Monster Mash..decided to take a chance and phew! This girl was so into taking photos with the monsters, that even though at first I was the one suggesting it..she became the one who would voice out that she wanted to take pictures.

We played at the water area at the Children's Garden for a bit. But a really short while. Kaitlin was initially excited about it but for some reason she got a little hesitant. Perhaps cos she wasn't used to the place and according the her cos we didn't bring her 'water play toys'. 

I rinsed and dried the bub up then we headed to the Toddler Play Zone so that Kaitlin could play at the playground. 

We then went to one of the game booths where Kaitlin tried to fish for monsters and with some help she redeemed a prize..and..she chose a bookmark! Which just so you know, she likes it so much, she just asked where it is and I have no idea where because according to her she took it to play from the bag and she can't remember where she put it already -.- so well, now I've to try and search for that bookmark!

Before we left Gardens By the Bay, we walked over to the Canopy area so that Kaitlin could do some craft and make her own monster! As you can see, we did more picture taking. Kaitlin was the one who wanted more pictures with the monsters. Looks like they've become her friends!

That purple monster above was made by Kaitlin and of course with some help from me! Before we left, Kaitlin spotted these two monsters and wanted a picture with them as well. She's standing with her back half facing us cos she was trying to take a picture while holding the hands of the two monsters! Love how funny and creative she is!

For lunch, we walked over to The Shoppes at MBS so that Kaitlin could have her fave xlbs from Din Tai Fung! Then it was time to head home for babygirl's nap time. As you can see, we were pretty tired out by then and as soon as we got to bed to nap I think I ko-ed even before babygirl did! 

That morning was such a happy day for the both of us :D Yes, even despite Kaitlin not really listening to my instructions over was overall a really well spent time at Gardens By the Bay. We seldom go there, but whenever we do, despite the heat and all..we always have lots of fun!

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