Tuesday 28 April 2015

Kaitlin is 43 months old!

Doesn't Kaitlin look like she has grown again? I see her everyday but recently I feel like she has grown so much and I've to face the fact that she ain't a baby anymore. Well she wasn't since she turned one but I've always now and then seen her as a baby. Like small and vulnerable. And also cos of her features like she still looked like how she was in her baby pics. But not anymore. It's like I can already imagine her in primary school uniform. Know what I mean? #stopgrowingupsofast Well recently Kaitlin fell ill so I brought her to the paeds cos it's been quite some time since we last went (this is a good thing!) and wanted to get her meds and at the same time let the paeds check on her growth progress. The bub is still on the lower percentile (that means she mostly like will be on the petite side) but thankfully still following the chart! *phew* It has been bothering me for quite some time cos her classmates are mostly taller than her and some of the younger kids in school are of the same height as her so I've been worried that she isn't growing well, but I guess that's just the genes and all!

Kaitlin's currently around 90cm tall and weights around 12kg.
She sleeps later
Started brushing her teeth in the afternoon. This happens in school.
Like chocolate milk
Had her first Bingsu and Injeolmi Toast
Enjoys watching me cook and helping me out
Able to remember things we have said that we forgot to act on (e.g. if I said she gets to have a cookie after her meal but I forgot about it she would remind me during bedtime that I said so earlier in the day)

She likes to read out the numbers of the buses that we take
Will start saying out the chinese strokes that she knows when she sees them
Babygirl knows the names of some common insects in English and Mandarin
Knows the life cycle of a butterfly
Knows what's a chrysalis
Able to memorize and recite poetry faster
She is able to draw a simple smiley face

Kaitlin enjoys cutting with scissors
Enjoys stacking and building with big and small blocks
Likes pretend play
Played with sand for the longest time thus far
At times, she likes to walk backwards
Is very agile and can dodge or move aside very fast
Did her first tunnel slide!


  1. HAHA she reminded me to paint my nails yellow, which I forgot twice :x

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