Tuesday 5 May 2015

April [ in pictures ]

As you can evidently tell, April has been a month of nomming! If you don't already know, I'm quite the foodie. Probably largely influenced by my late Dad. I'm so very happy that I managed to go on more eating adventures, and more importantly catch up with friends! Especially KY! This girl has been busy with school, so now that she is done..we can go on our eating adventures. She's like the best foodie friend :D

That aside, I managed to bring Kaitlin out to play a few times. To the indoor playground which she has been bugging me to bring her which I don't always do cos it can be pretty pricey. Plus this girl likes to do the more calm stuff like build blocks so it takes quite a bit to get her to try the obstacles and even then she wants me to accompany her. Which as you know it's quite impossible cos I'm not that small and not that flexible. Aside from that, I brought her outdoors as well. We went to places that we used to go when she was more free. Yeah, she is the more busy one now cos she has school and after school it's usually a mad rush for bedtime. We went to Botanics and fed the turtles, fish and swans. We even went to both ends of Botanics. Not that we conquered the entire Botanics but well we went around the areas of both ends, like the Swan Lake and Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. I also brought her to the sand playground at Tiongs that she likes. And what do you know? This girl is totally alright with sand now! *jumps in the air* oh you don't know the joy! After three years, she's not afraid anymore and I hope it stays this way :)

I feel like there were so many emotions in the past month. To the point where it felt draining. I guess I ended up distracting myself with food but of course there's no running away from all those emotions, problems, thoughts, worries. They would eventually have to be dealt with. So I hope that in this coming month I would be able to deal with all this better.

So fast that it's already May and pretty soon half a year would have gone by just like that. I feel like time is passing, but I'm not making the most of it, and that I need to start somewhere but starting is always difficult. As difficult as hanging on. To be honest, there are so many thoughts, so many things on my mind but I don't know where to start dealing with it and even when I have I feel like most of the time I come to no solution or conclusion and I feel lost as ever. Sigh. Maybe, this is the month where I'll finally be able to deal with it (pun intended hehe)!

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