Friday 8 May 2015

Gardens By The Bay - Tulipmania 2015

Tulips are my favourite flowers! Everytime I see tulips I feel really happy :D Like flowers in general make my happy, but certain flowers make me happier hehe. In fact, there was this period where I really wanted to go to Holland just to see tulips! Actually..I still do :D

The last time I went to the conservatories at Gardens By the Bay was two years ago and it was for Tulipmania and I recently went back again for the same reason!

Now that Kaitlin is in full-day school, I was able to visit the place on a weekday which meant less crowd! Well there's good and bad to that cos while there are way less people which makes admiring the flowers and taking pictures much easier, the tulips at the conservatories weren't all blooming. Some of the tulips seemed to have been just planted too. So even though there were supposed to be about 40 varieties of tulips it was quite a pity that I only managed to see some of them.

This year's Tulipmania is a little different from the first Tulipmania in that it's fairy tale themed. I spotted Cinderella's carriage, Rapunzel's tower and Hansel and Gretel's Gingerbread house! Also as it was shortly after the Easter weekend, there were colourful easter eggs around the Tulip exhibits. Not sure if it's still there now, but it made the entire exhibit look very colourful and picture worthy!

After visiting the Flower Dome, we checked out the Cloud Forest. It was pretty much the same as the last time when I went, except that this time they had this exhibit of plants made out of Lego! Pretty cool and I'm sure that would have taken quite a fair bit of time and patience to do up.

So that's it with the trip to Gardens By The Bay. To be honest, I wasn't wow-ed by what Tulipmania 2015 had to offer. In fact, I thought that the first Tulipmania was much better. Nevertheless, I was still very happy to be able to have the chance to see the different tulips at a go. Something which you sadly can't do in SG unless you step into a huge florist shop like Far East Flora. *cross fingers* that there will one day be a chance for me to fly to Holland to see all the pretty tulips in season! 

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