Tuesday 26 May 2015

Kaitlin's caught a bug!

This blog has become a dead space yet again!

I had wanted to update with a post of Kaitlin's milestones but it's not even half ready cos I'm unable to take pictures of the bub. I had wanted over the weekend, which was already a week late but Kaitlin came down with a fever on Sunday :(

As such, I've kept her from school yesterday and today. There's been a bug going around her class and a few of her classmates had already gotten it and I was crossing fingers that she wouldn't but :( Hoping the bub gets well soon cos it's so worrying everytime her fever spikes. Especially at night when we are sleeping. The first night I was worrying like mad so I kept checking on her but I think the lack of sleep made me real tired last night so I had difficulty getting up. I set alarms to wake up to check on her and give her meds but I dozed off after offing the alarms. Thank god I woke up awhile later and realised and quickly fed her meds >.< Need to make sure to wake up tonight!

Kaitlin was super conked out since Sunday evening and she spent most part of Monday resting in bed. She wanted to play with her kitchen toys so I took them out and told her she could play for her awhile then it was time to rest. I thought it would cheer her up but the poor girl sat down wanting to play but couldn't move much. So I brought her to bed to rest. She spent of the time sleeping but waking up in between cos she felt uncomfy. She would tell me her tummy is pain or that she feels like vomitting :( Don't know how this bug started spreading in school but it's seriously so annoying. Lucky for us, that Kaitlin's the only child at home so I don't have to worry about it spreading to younger children like the other moms, and lucky that I'm home so I am able to look after myself and not worry as much.

Today, the bub was a little more energetic. She managed to eat much more than the previous days though still lesser than normal. Kaitlin still can't keep her food down..yes that means she has been vomitting with lots of phlegm. She's taking her nap now (it's been two hours!) but I'm just going to let her sleep till she wants to wake up and hopefully the fever will be all gone by tonight.

Honestly feeling so drained out by everything and I've a lack of mood to do anything much. I'll try to revive this dead space soon, but in the meantime..you can follow me on Instagram (@beaverwoo) where I'm more active on :)

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