Sunday 7 June 2015

Kaitlin is 44 Months Old!

Kaitlin is now able to drive her motorized car gifted from her Godma! Her legs are long enough now :D
She is becoming more brave
Took her first slide into the pool
Babygirl able to go into the water for a few seconds and up without crying
She went to the Tiger Sky Tower and Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom for the first time!
Enjoys posing for photos (this depends on her mood!)
Kaitlin celebrated Earth Day in school for the first time

K is able to independently change out of most of her clothes herself
Has a pretty good memory for places and directions
She is able to memorize and recite longer poems within a shorter period of time
Current fave songs: Ants Go Marching One by One, If All The Raindrops and Hokey Pokey!

Kaitlin enjoys to pretend play that she's going to/at school e.g. She prepares a lunchbox meal for school
Is able to count 1-10 in Malay
Knows the three main body parts of insects: head, thorax, abdomen
She helped looked after caterpillars, with one of them turning into a butterfly

This post is so late! Especially since Kaitlin turns another month older in 10 days time D: Sorry babygirl :( There have been things here and there, it was hard to find time to take pictures of Kaitlin so the pictures were taken around a week later than the day she turned another month older and she caught a nasty bug and was ill for a week :/ then more stuff here and there that made me pretty worn out to finish up this post but yayy here it is :D *cross fingers* that the next month's milestones won't be delayed!

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