Thursday 25 June 2015

Density Frozen Custard

There's ice-cream, gelato, froyo (frozen yoghurt) and now there's Frozen Custard!

Thanks to Density, a new cafe opened by a brother-sister team - J.R. and Sherlyn Wong at the Prinsep Street area (just next to the beancurd store!), we can now have frozen custard in Singapore!

Now if you are wondering what frozen custard is..
It is an all-natural traditional super-premium ice-cream that originated from the U.S.A.

The word 'natural' automatically starts to make me interested. I'm pretty particular about what Kaitlin consumes, so whenever there's something that says 'natural', 'organic, 'no preservatives' or 'no additives', my eyes will just widen!

Natural ingredients like milk, cream and eggs are used and because of the low levels of air incorporated into the making of frozen custard less sugar is used! *double yay* cos that means less calories for us who are weight conscious or for those of us who prefer a healthier choice of dessert for ourselves and our family. Frozen custard has also been categorised by the USDA (US Dept of Agriculture) as a super-premium ice-cream because of its extremely low overrun and high butterfat content.

Thanks to Sherlyn, we tried all three flavours that day (Quadruple Chocolate, Black Forest and Cookies & Cream) and decided to go with Cookies and Cream (Kaitlin's choice!) and Black Forest. Kaitlin enjoyed the Cookies and Cream flavour and added almond toppings on hers while we got marshmallows for ours. They torched the marshmallows too!

Kaitlin ate almost all of her frozen custard up and yes I gave her the permission to eat as much as she wanted. In fact she was pretty cautious when eating and I asked her what's wrong and she told me she was afraid I may scold her for eating too much as she had been unwell a few days before. I assured her that it was fine and really was cos of the use of natural ingredients, and that the frozen custard contains less sugar. Not forgetting, the frozen custard at Density is made fresh everyday so thats an added plus!
Took a quick snapchat of Kaitlin while we were at Density and I've uploaded it on YouTube:

We noticed that the frozen custard didn't melt as fast as normal ice-cream does. This is great especially on the days where it gets crazy hot in SG! Also when we've a kid in tow and have to attend to her, eating would then take second place so it can be pretty -.- if our ice-cream melts before we are even halfway into it so frozen custard's better in this way for us parents hehe. We also felt that the frozen custard has a smoother texture and is more creamy and rich in flavour. I'm not that great at describing food but well it didn't have that 'icy' taste or feel. It kind of felt like an ice-cream version of a cake if that makes sense.

Overall, I would say Density is definitely one of those places we'll head to if we want to have a nice cold treat to escape from the crazy heat. Especially so if Kaitlin is with us cos I just love the fact that frozen custard is a healthier alternative to ice-cream and it's probably the freshest form of ice-cream (freshly made everyday, and none kept overnight!) I could get for the bub in SG.

And if I'm not with the bub and am on my nights out and wanted desserts, I would head to Density cos it's open till 1am everyday! Plus, I enjoy going to cafes with industrial chic interiors and chill vibes :D

Going at $4 a scoop ($7 for two scoops, $9.50 for three scoops) I would say Density's frozen custard is decently priced and in fact, cheaper than some other scoop shops. Density also offers sundaes, concretes, affogato and coffee on their menu. Coffee beans are from local coffee roaster brand, Two Degrees North. Do note that Density offers only three selected flavours of frozen custard a day and this changes everyday so do check out their Facebook page for updates on their flavouring offerings and promotions.

Speaking of promotions..
For the month of June, all students get to enjoy a 15% discount when you produce your student ID. Great time to try out what frozen custard really is, and at the same time a perfect escape from the crazy heat!

4 Short Street, Singapore 188212
6268 7918
Monday - Thursday: 3pm-1am
Friday - Sunday: 12noon - 1am

Disclaimer: We were invited to a tasting session at Density Frozen Custard and were not obligated to blog about it. All content and opinions are my own and were not influenced by any external factors.

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