Monday 29 June 2015

Kaitlin is 45 months old!

3 more months before the bub turns 4 :O Super fast, and I think I better start planning her birthday soon!'s looking back at some of her milestones the past month:

Kaitlin went onto a bouncy castle for the first time at NMS during the Masak Masak media preview
Brought babygirl to The Deep at the Art Science Museum where she saw exhibits of deep sea animals
She caught her first 'live' show at a mall where she saw Barney and Friends!
Went on the teacup amusement ride and sat on a train ride that goes round the mall
Kaitlin went to UnderWater World for the first time and caught the dolphin and fur seals show too!

Went to Malaysia for the first time and cafe hopped!
Tried crepe for the first time while we were there
Kaitlin has stereotyped ideas of what 'boys' and 'girls' are like e.g girls should get pink items, and boys should get blue items
She is able to handle a pair of scissors better and is able to cut more independently

Kaitlin had her first eclair from Janice Wong Sweets
Went for frozen custard tasting for the first time at Density
Performed her first mother's day performance where she recited poems in both English and Mandarin
Babygirl attended a kid's birthday party for the first time!

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