Tuesday 28 July 2015

Kaitlin is 46 months old!

The past month was a month of many firsts for babygirl and I was so happy to see her experience her many firsts and share those moments with her. They will be memories that I'll always look back on <3

Kaitlin went to River Safari for the first time
She saw pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia and the koalas at the Zoo too
Kaitlin played at the water playground and toddler playground at the Zoo for the first time
Babygirl took her first pony ride!

Kaitlin saw the Gundam Robots for the first time and she enjoyed taking pictures with them!
Brought her a second time during the night time so she could see the Gundam Robots light show
Babygirl had her first princess makeover
She caught the Minions movie for the first time
Tried Durian
Babygirl tried onion rings for the first time which she didn't like
Had her first taste of Melben Crab Beehoon (She enjoyed this alot! Who doesnt?!)
Had her first gummy bear!

It was a first time the bub baked brownies and together with us!
Celebrated Hari Raya in school for the first time and wore a kebaya for the first time too!
We've been bringing her to the pool more often so she is enjoying the water a little more now
Kaitlin watched a Barney DVD for the first time! (We rarely let her have screen time so this is pretty "big")
Kaitlin has been having more dreams/nightmares recently (she sometimes talks in her sleep or wakes up crying)
The bub has recently started carrying her own bag out with some of the essentials (wanted to teach her about independence and responsibility)

Less than 3 months away till Kaitlin's birthday and I've yet to get started planning on it! Yikes D: Thinking of a theme can be pretty difficult especially when this girl can be quite the fickle pickle. I'll get it down somehow..hopefully!

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