Thursday 9 July 2015

June [ in pictures ]

June past by so fast! I think it's cos most of it was spent having fun, alot of it with the bub too. It felt like a month of alot of new experiences. New experiences for myself and for the babygirl as well, and better yet when we experienced some of it together.

Kaitlin was mostly not in school due to HFMD scares (thought to be real cases, but false alarms) and then she later fell ill. In fact, she's been having runny nose on and off lately and coughing too. She used to be pretty healthy in the past :( Well..I took the days she had off from school as an opportunity to spend more time with the bub and bring her out to have fun..after all it was the June holidays!

Having spent so much time with Kaitlin, and the fact that I realise she has hardly been in school due to the HFMD incidents, I actually had the thought if I should homeschool her. I previously had this thought, but in the end decided that going to school would be better. Now I'm not quite sure..With the way the school is handling certain matters, and how Kaitlin has picked up bad habits I've been thinking about it. While it's a good opportunity for her to socialise and learn social skills, and learning through teachers who have preschool education experience is better than me educating her cos honestly I don't even know what should be taught and what's expected of them..the cons of it all are making me think if I should switch schools (and even then how am I to find a school with space that easily) or just keep her home with me and start figuring out to do homeschooling.

That aside, while there are certain things/issues that I've not been too happy with, I'm very thankful for the past month. Thankful that Kaitlin didn't get HFMD, thankful that the time she had high fever and I rushed her to the docs and the next day she was fine ($ spent, but better than a sick child). Thankful for the opportunities where we got to spend time together, as well as time spent with friends who truly care.

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