Monday 7 September 2015

A Crafty Morning with Brother's Hello Kitty Labeller and Embroidery + Sewing Machine

Thanks to an invite from Brother Singapore, I recently had the chance to have a crafty morning along with other mom bloggers at Brother's office where we got to try out some of Brother's products. These products included the Hello Kitty Embroidery and Sewing machine, Hello Kitty Labeller and the ScanNCut.

Yes, I was transported to Hello Kitty land that morning! Besides trying out Brother's different craft products, we had a hands-on experience of decorating our own pouch with iron-on crystals and embroidered Hello Kitty patches that were pre-embroidered using the Brother Hello Kitty sewing machine.

If you're into sewing and are a huge Hello Kitty fan like myself, you'll love the Hello Kitty Embroidery and Sewing machine. The machine comes with 196 embroidery patterns, 54 built-in Hello Kitty embroidery patterns and 129 utility and decoration stitches.

See those embroidery patterns above? You can do all that with the machine and you really don't have 
to do much other than choose your thread colour, thread the needle and then choose your patterns. Using the LCD touch screen, you can adjust the size and angle of the patterns and choose from 6 alphabet sets if you wish to sew on names or words .

If you have a pattern or a logo that you want to sew on, you can save the image in a thumbdrive and insert it into the USB port located on the side of the sewing machine! Maybe I've been living in a cave and never knew much about sewing machines, but seriously I found this machine pretty high-tech! I've always wanted to sew a quilt for Kaitlin and future kids but I'm horrible at sewing so this kind of was the perfect answer to my one day when I'm ready to get down to quilting..this, this shall be my best friend at home!

For the scrapbookers and crafters, Brother's ScanNCut machine is probably your dream come true! I'm not familiar with the machines out in the market that have similar functions to Brother's ScanNCut but on its own and without comparing, I think that the ScanNCut is a really good investment if you're into crafting. In fact, I think it's also useful for moms who homeschool or for teachers to prepare materials for their students as the machine can cut paper or fabric without users having to use scissors or craft knives at all.

The ScanNCut does literally what it's name says - scan and cut. User can scan printed designs, patterns, images or hand-drawn illustrations, convert them to cutting lines and save the data in their USB memory.  You can also cut out or remove the patterns around images as well. This means that it's possible to cut anything from complex shapes to alphabets/letters to even lace patterns! The machine also enables users to adjust the size of the outlines and make multiple copies of the patterns/images they wish to cut. Aside from being able to cut out your own patterns and images, the machine also comes with over 500 built-in patterns. The cut-outs above was a shape from the built-in selection and was cut out of felt. It took less than 5 minutes to cut those out and the cutting was so precise!

Saving the best for the Hello Kitty Labeller. This is my favourite machine out of all that was introduced to us that morning!

The Hello Kitty Labeller comes with:
-  15 character LCD display
- 97 frames including 22 Hello Kitty frames
- 652 symbols including 34 Hello Kitty symbols|
- 8 Alpha and 6 Numeric built-in fonts
-  12 Deco mode designs

Priced at $88, the Hello Kitty labeller can print labels with 2 lines and users can choose from a variety of Brother TZe tapes with a width of 3.5-12mm to use. Brother's iron-on fabric tapes that are great for labelling uniforms can also be used and there's a tape with a Hello Kitty watermark background that can be purchased as well at only $27.50. All of Brother's TZe tapes are laminated and temperature and water resistant. This means that you can print out labels to use on food containers that you want to freeze or heat up! The labels are also abrasion, chemical and fade resistant, so there's no need to worry that you'll have to print new labels. 

The Hello Kitty labeller is perfect for use at home to label and organise your boxes and containers, for school use for your child's items like pencil cases, books, lunchboxes and uniforms or even for crafting purposes when you want to label gift bags. 

Kids are seriously so lucky these days! I wished they had this labeller when I was a kid so that I could have all my items labelled with Hello Kitty frames and symbols..but well better now than not at all. Yes, by now you can probably tell I'm a Hello Kitty fan so if you're one too or you've a Hello Kitty fan at home and need a labeller this one's perfect! Not just pretty to look at but also functional and useful. More reasons to convince you other halves if you intend to purchase this labeller :D

If you're already convinced to buy it, there's great news and if you're still deciding, you may want to get one now! From now till 27 September 2015, Brother's holding a sure win lucky spin where you can win prizes including Hello Kitty items like a Instax camera, home appliances and kitchen ware.
All you have to do is: 
1. Purchase the Hello Kitty Labeller (PT-D200KT) at any of Brother International Singapore's authorised resellers and superstores
2. Head on down to Brother Customer Service Centre with your proof of purchase (original receipt/invoice), NRIC/passport and cut out serial number to redeem your chance a the lucky spin. 

The Brother Customer Service Centre is located at Gateway East at Beach Road and is opened Mondays-Fridays from 9am-6pm and on Saturdays from 9am-1pm. Do note they are closed on Sundays and PH so you don't make a wasted trip down.

For more information, you can can check out Brother's website or head on to their Facebook page for updates on the latest promotions!

Disclaimer: I was invited for a craft session with Brother Singapore. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions and views are my own and not influenced by any external factors!


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