Friday 30 October 2015

Simply Life - A Homegrown Brand that carries Quality Baby and Child Products

I've heard of bamboo clothing but have never found out more about it or bought any to try on Kaitlin or myself. So when I attended Simply Life's launch party where they displayed their wide range of quality products from bamboo clothing to BPA-free water bottles and tableware, I was interested to find out more about it and to let Kaitlin try out bamboo clothing.

The lovely couple behind Simply Life, Gilbert and Yih Min kindly offered to send us their childrenswear made from bamboo to try out and since we received the products we've been loving all of them! In case you didn't know, Simply Life is founded under Creative Moms Pte Ltd which has been in the industry since 2004, distributing children's licensed products from international brands like Disney and Mattel.

We were thrilled when we received the products and I've got to rave that the first thing I noticed about these clothings made from bamboo fibre are that they are extremely soft to the touch! 

When I asked Kaitlin if she liked her new PJs she nodded and commented that it was very soft too. Even after the first wash, the quality of the PJs, undergarments and socks we received were still in good condition. No issue of them shrinking or losing elasticity and they PJs and undergarments remained soft. I really like how soft the bamboo material is as it makes me feel more assured that it will be gentle on Kaitlin's skin. In fact, I think it's perfect for newborns and older kids who may have more sensitive skin.

During the launch party, I learnt that Simply Life's clothing line uses 95% bamboo as compared to the usual 70% that other brands use in their bamboo products which of course is better as it means more comfort and who doesn't want to buy a better quality product! Since bamboo fabric is more breathable and thermoregulating compared to other fabrics, it is perfect for use in Singapore's super humid weather. Kaitlin sweats alot. Like way more than we do and I've seen her sweat more than her classmates as well, so I think clothings made from bamboo fabric really suit her. Moreover, bamboo is naturally anti-fungal, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. That's even better for clothing items like undergarments and socks which are covering the more sensitive areas of her body and where she may sweat more.

So far, I've noticed that Kaitlin has had no issues with the PJ set and undergarments. There's no complain of itch or stickiness which also means less fussing which is awesome!

We're glad that despite the focus on the quality of the products, style and design has not been compromised. I personally wouldn't buy clothing that may be comfy but doesn't look good. Simply Life's clothing line however meets both my standards in terms of quality and design. In fact, some of the designs incorporate motivational messages which I feel are great.

Even down to socks which may sometimes be overlooked asthetically, I like that Simply Life has put in thought into its design. We like this bumble bee design alot as its cheery and in fact the design is pretty unisex which makes it a good gift option.

Additionally it's fantastic that these socks are made from bamboo fabric which reduces the nasty smells and bacteria. I've noticed that in the market, there are anti-slip socks but they usually come in sizes for kids 2 and below and as such I've had difficulty getting non-slip ones that come in nice designs for Kaitlin. Simply Life currently stocks socks in their bumble bee design as well as in black and white. If they were more designs in future, I would definitely purchase them for Kaitlin.

Aside from these products, Simply Life also carries other types of clothing for babies and up like onesies and dresses. They also carry bed and bath items like bed sheets, pillowcases and towels. All of which are made from bamboo as well. In fact, Simply Life kindly gifted us a personalized towel embroidered with Kaitlin's name during the launch party and when I first touched the towels on display I was really amazed with how soft it was. Even softer than the towels we use at home which we always wash with a softener!

The range of baby and child products does not stop there. This homegrown brand also carries 100% FDA-approved food-grade melamine dining sets for kids as well as BPA-free water bottles for kids and adults that come in different designs and sizes.

If you would like to view and feel the quality of Simply Life's products, they can be found at retail outlets islandwide like Isetan, Robinsons, John Little, Metro and OG departmental stores as well as Mothercare and Kiddy Palace. For a full list of their retail outlets and addresses you can head over here. Alternatively, if you prefer online shopping you can shop directly on Simply Life's website which offers free delivery if you spend more than $60.

I personally find that Simply Life's products are priced reasonably for the standard of quality of the products they produce. Despite it being a new brand and a local one, I don't think that it lacks in comparison to baby and child products with bigger and more internationally recognised brand names. In fact, we really like Simply Life's bamboo clothing line and towels! To be fair though we don't own any child products made from bamboo nor have tried any before this and thus we can't make a fair comparison to other bamboo brands and products, but the products that Simply Life sent over are really the softest and most comfy clothes and towels that Kaitlin own! If you're on the lookout for comfortable and safe products for your child or for gifts for a newborn or birthday, Simply Life is definitely a brand worth checking out.

Disclaimer: We were invited to the launch party of Simply Life and were sent the PJ Set, a set of underwear and a pair of socks to try out. This post is based on my honest opinion and views of the products and were not influenced by any external factors.

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