Thursday 12 November 2015

October [ in pictures ]

October was a month filled with lots of happy memories, and I can't be more grateful for that. There were definitely many new experiences and I felt that alot of those couldn't have happened if I didn't change as a person like my thoughts and actions.

I've been spending alot more time with the girls of late which has of course been great and lots of fun. Like how KY and I brought Kaitlin out to the Hello Kitty Go Around Carnival and to the S.E.A Aquarium! It's kind of like the first time that I've brought Kaitlin out with a friend for the entire day and usually half a day is exhausting itself for me so I was pretty afraid how it was gonna be like to spend the entire day out. I was definitely beat by the time we were gonna start exploring S.E.A Aquarium but thank god KY was such great help with Kaitlin!

The biggest highlight of October and probably goes into the list of the major things of 2015 was flying off to HK! It was a crazy impromptu decision and I'm so glad it happened. I've been wanting to travel for the longest time but never did so. There were always reasons like school, weekend class "tests" or meetups and other considerations which resulted in lots of opened tabs but no flights booked. I decided once and for all that if there were also going to be all these reasons then going on a trip would never happen. So with a little push, I did it! It was crazy booking it one week before and then having to search through flights and accommodation plus comparing before making a decision within two days. Well, once it was booked there was no turning back and no what if's right? So I guess that also really kicked me in the butt to just do it. In fact, I had a planned but unconfirmed meetup and I also knew full well Kaitlin had a weekend class "test", but I decided that it would be alright to miss it and I figured she would have way more fun. Afterall, it was just a test, and I'm mostly always the one attending class with her so I was pretty sure of how she would have performed for it. I do still question myself if I should have not let her skip the "test" but I mean we already went for the trip and she didn't hate our holiday so I guess it was a good decision afterall? Well, I would blog more about our trip in a separate post. But yes, it was definitely very unforgettable. How can it not when I haven't travelled in almost 5 years, and more importantly so it was the bub's first airplane trip! What's more we visited the happiest place on Earth :D

Also, this year we had our first Halloween PJ Party! Usually we just go down to trick or treat, but this year the girls came over and we prepared a Halloween Dinner. No joke k. We finalised what we were gonna make the day before and started buying the ingredients in the morning and from there it was prep prep prep and cook cook cook! It was honestly pretty tiring but like seeing all the food we prepped was like yayyyy :D I wouldn't mind doing it again since well Halloween's once a year and it's pretty fun just that if we were to do it again I think we should totes start prepping earlier so it won't be so tiring and rushed.

So yeah, October was a pretty hectic and tiring month, but also so so fun! I've been super tired lately, maybe it's my body's way of telling me I need to rest. Idk why though, cos like there are way more people out there who have way less sleep than I do and who work x10 harder. Feel so weak >.< But yes, I hope I stop feeling so lethargic cos there are so many things on my must-do to-do list and also a whole lot of other things are optional but that I just want to try and do! So many things to do, so little time + with this lethargy and lazy moments, I hope I manage to get some done in Nov!

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