Monday 14 December 2015

November [ in pictures ]

We are already in the last month of the year! I felt like I just wrote November 2014's post not too long ago, but here I am again! Time seriously flown so so fast. Sometimes I really don't know how the days pass so quickly when like so many things are not done.

November was definitely a fun month! In fact it was a generally good month, again filled with firsts! Like bringing Kaitlin to the Night Safari (thanks to Friso!) and to the newly opened National Gallery.

Christmas also came early for us! Hasbro sent over some toys for Kaitlin and was so happy that she can now make her own ice-cream creations. We also started to get into the festive mood and season. I started my Christmas Shopping, and well let's just say Kaitlin now has many presents waiting for her in the storeroom. I kind of overbought for her and I'm definitely not going to be giving her all the gifts at one go. So they will be hiding are some parts of the house lol. That aside, we saw some pretty Christmas trees and decorations around town Kaitlin's fave so far is the decor outside Forum. She kept wanting to take pictures with the unicorn and carriage there that she would ask me everyday and only stopped asking when we reached Forum and started taking pictures. We also decorated our x'mas tree! Wanted to do it earlier but at least I'm glad we did it before December! Thumbs up to not procrastinating. I shopped for a few more decor items cos we already had some and I really don't want to have a case of too many ornaments, too little space cos they only come during the Christmas time.

Well, now we are into one of my favourite months of the year! I love it cos I love everything about Christmas. The lights and decor, the shopping for presents and more importantly meeting up with friends! Even the kind of meet ups where you don't meet for an entire year but do it once a year.  At the same time though, I don't really like how it's a reminder that the year is coming to a close and we are nearing the start of a new year. Eeks. It scares me how time passes so fast. I don't like the idea of ageing and how that also means Kaitlin's growing up. It's so ironic cos as kids I'm sure we all at some point or other wanted time to just speed up so we can all be grown ups and make our own decisions in life and have freedom. But no, seriously. Adulthood ain't that great man. I take childhood x10. No commitments, no heavy responsibilities no worries. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being a mom. Lots. It's just that with adulthood, there comes attached a lot more responsibilities and things to think and worry for. I also really don't like how as we all grow older we obviously see things in a different light and tend to see the ugly side of life and people more clearly that we tend to be more cautious or end up contemplating and thinking more when really, why can't everything be more simple. Idk man, I feel like things aren't just as simple and innocent compared to when we were all younger.

But in any case! It's not like me not liking that part of the year ending is going to stop the year from coming to a close, so why not enjoy it right :) Oh and this post is way late and it's almost ten days ill Christmas :D

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