Sunday 17 January 2016

December [ in pictures ]


Oops! It's already two weeks into 2016 and I'm way overdue at writing this post! I really had wanted to have written this post earlier but there's just been so much things happening that a) there hasn't been much time and b) where there is the time I'm just in no mood to write. You know how you plan to do certain things and have it all listed on and it seems like everything will be perfectly checked off that list..well yeah. It obviously didn't happened :X

December had been a crazily awesome month! I definitely envisioned and had hope in the weeks before Dec that I would be spending it in a slightly different way than had happened but well it of course didn't happen and well, it's really a case of "would have been better but hey, i'm not complaining" cos it was really a super fantastic month as it was.

I always always love December. Especially in the last few years. Most of the memorable memories I've had almost all happen in December. Whether they be happy moments or the not-so-happy ones which I will always remember for life and hold close to my heart.

This December, I was ultra (who even uses that word anymore!) happy to have been able to meet up with friends! Some of whom I see frequently, but will never get sick off. And some of whom, who I haven't seen in months or who I haven't caught up with in the past year. I like how even though I don't meet up with some of them in a year, but that friendship is still there. Sure, we aren't the best or closest of friends, but whenever we do start chatting or meeting up, its never awkward, or at most awkward for the first 10 minutes but after that everything falls into place, just like the friendship we had when we were much closer a few years ago. Now that everyone's older, everyone has more responsibilities, but I feel thankful that there a certain few who bother to make the effort instead of letting the friendship die down. Something, which I feel I myself need to learn to try to do.

Besides all of that, I of course love every single festive part of Christmas! It's my favourite holiday!! We went to check out the lights and x'mas trees, and also went to Gardens By The Bay for Christmas Wonderland twice! First time with friends and the second time with Daddy Li. It was pretty fun minus the crowd, heat and overpriced tokens! We had our traditional Christmas brunch on Christmas Day and our own Christmas dinner on the eve. Cooked at home this year and while it was majorly tiring, I enjoyed it! We also had a Christmas gathering a week before Christmas at our place and it was crazy prepping and cooking but such a nice and cozy feeling to be able to catch up with friends over dinner and board games after. Signs that we are growing old, but well looking back it's not so bad to be growing old with your friends! Feels like in the next few years to come, the gatherings may soon be filled with kids besides Kaitlin hehe!

Speaking of Kaitlin, the babygirl's been really into Santa! Well, partially thanks to my doing of "you got to be good, cos santa's watching" and well..let's just say that didn't work as planned. And so I still had a girl defying the rules and testing the limits, and up till X'mas eve I contemplated what "Santa" should do and I'm going to put it out here that well..Santa didn't leave any presents. I was afraid of how upset that would make Kaitlin feel and how she might be scarred by it but then well "Santa" left a letter explaining why there were no presents and left a small present to encourage Kaitlin to behave herself for the next year. Just so you know, that small present was a pack of biscuit sticks with cheese and Kaitlin didn't start bawling or anything. She seemed abit shocked that Santa didn't leave any presents but when she found out he left a tiny gift for her she forgot all about that and was so into it. Which really taught me another lesson in life to be grateful with what we have and to not always expect so much in life. Well, thank goodness it worked cos I read online that it scarred some kids (now parents) that they would never have done that to their own kids. But well, I felt that Christmas or not, we can't make exceptions and have to stick to it. Hopefully that works, and this coming year I would have a more well behaved child!

Additional plus plus plus cos there were quite a few firsts these months especially for Kaitlin! Like her first X'mas party with her friends. They had one in school like in the past few years but this year the mommies decided to have one outside of school as well which was pretty fun! Kaitlin alsoclimbed up an inflatable Christmas tree! Like hello we are talking about a girl who is afraid of getting into a bouncy castle with a bunch of kids but is so onz and only wants to climb up something so high amongst the many other more chill activities available?! I'm gonna be thick skin and say my daughter damn kewlxz. Cooler than me by a ton! She also tried ice skating for the first time which she was really look forward to do but could not really manage on her own. But hey! Looking forward and staying throughout the entire session were already major plus awesome to me cos I already did prepare myself that she wouldn't like it or would be scared of the idea of even going ice-skating once she was on the rink.

Maybe it's cos it's the end of the year, and I may feel extra sentimental, but I feel like Kaitlin has grown so so much in the past month. Or well, at least compared to the same time last year. Plus with Kaitlin's year-end performance, that fact became even more evident. And yes, I almost teared again during her performance. Even when I saw the graduating K2 class of which I have no close contact with any of the kids from that level. I just imagined Kaitlin graduating and starting having all those feelings of my babygirl growing up so fast. I know. I got cray hormones and am damn emotional but yes. She is definitely growing :') My once shy girl has grown to become more observant, more aware and definitely more brave and I can't be more proud of her.

Besides all of that in Dec, I was also really glad that we managed to squeeze in a real super short trip out of the +65 before the year came to an end. No big fancy holiday but I'm not complaining. And of course even though X'mas had passed, I was totes happy to have been able to hang out with the girls again before the year came to an end! There can never be too many meetups right! We played escape rooms for the first time and conquered it on our first attempt that we decided to do another one! Never thought it would be so fun but it was lol. And well, having not really used my rusty brain (no studying or exams :D) that much in recent years I felt pretty accomplished hehe. Cheap thrill don't judge okay!

December really has been a fabulous month. Slightly different that I had wanted it to be, there were also times where it got hectic and stressful cos I had to rush out some last minute stuff here and there, but still the past month was nothing short of awesome and it was pretty much a perfect end to 2015 :))

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