Friday 11 November 2011

TGIF not!

Today is friday! and it is also 11/11/11!

Sadly i missed making my wish at 11:11 this morning! was busy looking after kaitlin!

anyway, today is friday! and it's sorta the first friday in a REALLY REALLY LONG TIME since i spent it without Lihai :( sad face much! thankfully, enna will be coming over to hang chill with me so that makes it that much better! i got to say, i'm really lucky to have this great bunch of friends who are so sweet to take out their time from their loved ones to accompany me so i will be less lonely :'( touched touched!

i wonder how the boy is doing in army. yes i do get daily calls from him but those 10-20 mins conversations are just not enough! i bet he has lost lots of weight --> great im gonna look like an elephant next to him! rawrxz! but yes, i miss going out with him for dinner, to catch a movie or even to walk to lot one. next friday, please faster to come! i cant wait to see him when he is out!! this whole confinement thing is so annoying! rawrxz! the only thing i look forward to everyday is like his phonecall at like 10ish!:( every morning i wake up and feed Kaitlin and look at the time i think oh god, 12 hours more to the phonecall..and i just wish and hope 12 hours pass by fast. on certain days they do, cos the baby girl takes up my time, or it passes by fast when she is a good girl. but on days where she has her tantrums, those are the worse!

speaking of which, she has been napping quite a bit this afternoon, i think she is preparing to party all night today! that means no sleep for me! sobs:( oh well, i shall stop here. shall go cook dinner (yes i know it is really early, but when you have a baby in tow, you gotta prepare in advance, if not, you will never be able to eat!)

happy friday to y'all! :)

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