Monday 1 October 2012

September [ in pictures ]

September literally flew past, and now it's already October! Amazing, isn't it? Two more months and it will be Christmas and on to a new year! Wow! Looking forward to 2013 for sure..cos well..we've got some plans ourselves :)

September was FUN! We celebrated Kaitlin turning a year old! That was tiring to prepare, but yet so so fun! We visited many playgrounds, and not forgetting..we witnessed Kaitlin's first steps!

I just can't wait to see what new tricks Kaitlin can do! Yes, I call them tricks, cos I think it's really amazing when she does something new! This tiny one, really amazes and surprises me everyday. Yes, on good days they are usually new stunts she can do, and on bad days, she really tests my patience and shows me how much of a badass she can be! 

Looking forward to celebrating Halloween as well, though we don't have any concrete plans. Might join a party at one of the playgrounds or playgroups. Or, I'm just thinking of donning Kaitlin in a halloween outfit, just for laughs and for lots of picture taking! She is afterall only a baby toddler once! However, it's not that easy to find halloween outfits in SG for tiny we'll have to see about that. 

Let's hope October will turn out to be a good month! Hope your October has already started off on  good note..and to all kids..HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY! If you're 21 and way past that like I am..Happy Children's Day to you still :) We all still have a kid in us so embrace it and have fun this week cos one day is never enough! 

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