Friday 1 March 2013

February [ in pictures ]

It's amazing how we are already into the third month of the year! How did two months just go by like that? I feel like I wasted two months of my life! Okay, that's not what I mean..I meant to say that well I felt like I never really did much the past two months.

February would definitely be a month of celebration. We had CNY and Valentine's Day + our usual monthsary celebration (once in a while we do something special..if not it really has become just like any other day except we don't fight on those days and give in a little more to each other!)

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We've been bringing Kaitlin out quite alot the past month. Even on weekdays, instead of her usual play activities at home, I've opted to bring her to down to the pool instead, and to the botanical gardens for some fun in the sun! 

Babygirl loves to play with water so she loves it when we go to the pool. Although I must add that she is afraid to get in. She just likes to play from the side, but better than nothing and I see some slight improvement. 

Other than that, we've just been fooling around together and as you can see lots of family time which I am very thankful for. We also finally visited the S.E.A Aquarium which I will blog about soon. 

I'm sort of dreading March. One of the reason being that Daddy Li has more duties this month and he will be away in the jungle for a few consecutive days D: It's bad enough that he won't be around, but with him in the jungle, I'll worry even more about him. Sigh..really hoping that this month goes smoothly so I guess the only way is to stay positive and look on the bright side of life aye?

Hope you will all have a great start to March and HAPPY WEEKENDS :D



    1. YES and it is also your BIRTHDAY MONTH!! :D

  2. Month-sary!? Wow my hubby and I are prone to forgetting our anniversary--the only reason I remember is because it's also my friend's birthday and Facebook reminds me!

    Love the picture collage btw! Such a pretty way to look back on the month gone by. And yeah, goodness, I feel like I'm not ready for 2013 yet and it's already March...

    1. Haha thanks Evelyn! Yeah..I got to admit, I'm the more clingy/sticky one in the relationship that remembers all the details and likes everything to be romantic and all so the husband kind of has no choice if not I will start complaining and nagging! Yikes, hope that doesn't create a bad impression of me :(

      Yes! How is it March right?! I feel like National Day is coming soon and the babygirl's second birthday that I got to plan..and then Christmas is just round the corner D: