Wednesday 17 April 2013

Kaitlin is 19 Months Old!

Yet another month has passed and we are getting closer to Kaitlin's 2nd birthday!
The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. Ever since Kaitlin started school she has been throwing tantrums like nobody's business and needless to say, we did get quite angry and frustrated. We are not perfect parents okay!

I am really hoping that this behaviour will subside cos it's really not how I want her to behave and grow up to be. Terrible twos or not, please faster be back to normal babygirl!

Here are some of her milestones in the past month:

Kaitlin likes it when we sing songs like "The Wheels On The Bus", "Head and Shoulders" and "Incy Wincy Spider". Sometimes she'll imitate some of the actions.
She has recently learnt how to fold her arms and does it quite often. It's quite amusing.
Sometimes when she laughs, she'll open her mouth really wide. I'll try to take a picture of this if I can!
Able to follow instructions like "Can you please put the book back on the table"

Kaitlin has just been able to walk up and down the stairs herself. Actually she was able to do this a few months ago, but she did it once or twice so I don't think it's really counted? However, she does still prefer to hold our hands. Perhaps, she feels safer and stable this way.
She has been able to have slightly longer attention span when we are reading her storybooks. Recently, she has liked this particular book we borrowed from the library and wants me to read it to her every reading session we have.
It is still difficult to get her to eat her meals.
Sometimes she takes quite long to fall asleep at night as well. She can get rather active.

She's been taking an average of 2 hour long naps in the daytime.
Speech wise, she is a little behind but babbling a little more. Hoping that every child is different and have different milestones and that it's not a serious problem.
Kaitlin is able to sort of jump while holding our hands and she loves doing it.
She also runs pretty fast.
She loves dogs! She likes looking at them and waves at them. I even let her touch the dog's fur. She likes to get close to them but when they move slightly she'll be afraid.

Kaitlin is not very into touching new objects, or participating in crafts. Will try to work on this.
Her favourite toys the past month are her ball, balloon and a colander.
At school she is very attached to her princess doll and water bottle
Kaitlin is a pretty good actress! She can fake cough and I believe she even faked a fever in school!
Speaking of which she has fallen ill twice this past month, once after the jab and she's still currently down with her second cough and cold  which she caught after starting school :( 

That's about all for the past month!

Recover fast babygirl, and don't be so bad-tempered anymore my little one! Mommy and Daddy want to have many happy moments with you <3

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