Tuesday 1 October 2013

September [ in pictures ]

September has come and gone so fast! I don't even know how that happened. I guess it indeed was a very busy month. Lots happened and I have yet to even blog about K turning two.

Kaitlin fell ill..and it was definitely a tiring few days. It was also quite a pity that K had to be ill on her birthday so she couldn't celebrate much and was pretty much cranky till she got well.

Then came the preparation for K's birthday. So many things to do, and lucky Kaitlin got 3 cakes! One for us to celebrate with her at home, one with her godparents and one at school. Just so you know, she didn't eat any of the cakes. We allowed her to and tried to feed her but she wasn't into it. Hopefully next year she'll be into cake! It was great fun celebrating with K even though I was super tired by the time her second celebration came. What's more, it was such an amazing feeling seeing my little newborn grow up to be such a feisty toddler.

Well, we are onto October now..HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY just cos I believe there's still a kid in everyone of us and here's a fun fact! Did you know that it is no longer Children's Day on 1st of October? It's been changed to the first friday of the month! Same for Teacher's Day. Yeah, goes to show how old we are. In any case, I don't care 1st October shall always be Children's Day and the kids should totally be given a week to celebrate instead hehe.

October is going to be a month of change and something new. Daddy Li just started work today, so well definitely lots of things in our usual routine would change..we'll see how that goes, and hopefully everything will be alright. Not a big fan of change, so I really do hope everything will be smooth sailing.

That aside...we are nearing the end of the year!! Have no idea how time flew by and I'm kind of having mixed feeling as to whether I want the year to faster end or not. Do you get that kind of feeling as well?

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