Tuesday 25 March 2014

iLight Marina Bay x Pasarbella and Friends Go To Town

Thanks to Instagram, I found out about iLight Marina Bay (i know i've been living in a cave) and I just had to get our family to check it out, and I'm so glad we did cos Kaitlin loved it!

We don't usually head out in the evenings much, and even if we do we try to go to places near home so that we can get back in time for Kaitlin's bedtime, however this time we decided why not! 

In fact, we had planned to go, but when I was about to meet Daddy Li I kind of felt that it was too far and we might all get grumpy but eventually after all that indecisiveness, we made our way to the Marina area.
Since Daddy Li left work early that day to settle his citizenship matters, we got to meet pretty early and since I was feeling a little peckish (as always!) we headed to Pasarbella's pop-up event at Marina Bay Sands.

Not much was open at that time, so we just got a small bite and some booze (just a little cos Kaitlin was around!).

The roasted pork belly from Keith Crackling Roast was really good!! I even tried to offer Kaitlin some, but she wasn't interested, so more for Daddy Li and I :) 

Despite the really bad haze, it was lovely just being there with Kaitlin and Daddy Li especially since we don't go there very often. For once, it felt really chill! We roamed around outside abit more before going back into the aircon to escape from the haze. 

We ended up at Zara and omg I love this branch because it's so huge!! Anw, I think Kaitlin likes Zara too cos she was touching everything and she would let us put on stuff for her to try like scarfs and hats! That doesn't happen very often actually cos she's quite picky about stuff that we put on her and will resist at times, but not at Zara hehe. 

After roaming aimlessly, we went back out to settle our dinner at Pasarbella's pop-up market. We tried the Lobster Pasta from Oceans of Seafood and of course couldn't say no to getting an Omakase burger!

The pasta was so-so and the lobster wasn't as fresh as we had expected it to be as well, so go for it only if you are not fussy and want a filling bite. The burger from Omakase was as awesome as we last had it at The Grandstand. It's a definite must-eat!

We had no problems feeding Kaitlin at all. She totally helped herself to the truffle fries and nommed on our pasta. Daddy Li and I loved the atmosphere and I kept telling him that we totally need to return. I actually felt young and alive again! Like I said, we rarely head out at night so this was like a rare night out for all of us and I didn't feel like an old woman for those few hours. No offence to people who like to stay at home. I'm just more of a going out person, and the last few years before I gave birth I never stayed home for an entire day until my confinement period came and I had new responsibilities as a parent. That evening was really relaxing and so much more fun that just hanging out at the malls like how we usually do.

After our yummy dinner, we went to check out the light installations for iLight Marina Bay. 

We didn't finish checking out all the light exhibits but enough for Kaitlin to say that she wants to return for more! Yes, till today she still tells us that she "wants to go see the lights" and I might just give in to her small request cos afterall she did behave herself (till we got home and she went into cranky mode cos she was overtired) and it happens once a year.

iLight Marina Bay 2014 is happening till the end of March (this weekend!). I really think it's worth heading down to the Marina Bay area to check it out. It's really prettyyyyy, super romantic for couples and the kids would totally love it. 

Don't forget to check out the 'Pasarbella and Friends Go To Town' event as well for some good noms and if it gets a little crowded in the evenings, don't worry cos there are food trucks near some of the light installations. 

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