Monday 17 March 2014

Kaitlin is 30 months old!

Babygirl turns two and a half years old today! Seriously, how did she grow up so fast?! It's making me feel so my once newborn is now a toddler, and a very feisty one too.

Kaitlin's been picking up things really fast.
She's getting more rebellious and has a mind of her own
More brave than she used to be
Understands that red light means "stop" and green means "go, can walk!"

Kaitlin likes to count
She's recently been asking "what is ____ in Chinese?"
Pretty good at using pronouns
Describes objects as big or small and by colour
Understands most of what we are saying
Able to communicate that she has a stomachache (one level up from telling us she needs to poop or pee)
Will asks us about how we are feeling after seeing our facial expression like "you sad?"

Remembers and understands familiar stories
Kaitlin is able to control her bladder relatively well
Able to put her clothes into the laundry bin
Can close door gently
She has started learning how to use a knife (we let her use a butter knife)

Only 6 months left till her 3rd birthday! I know I say this all the time, but seriously how did time fly by and how is it that she is turning 3 so soon?! I don't know when her terrible twos phase will end..but I hope it'll be pretty soon..cos sometimes when I think it can't get any does happen. With that said, there have been many moments of sending Kaitlin to the naughty corner and many moments of seeing her angelic side, like her being helpful and caring. I don't know how one small girl can be so extreme! One moment she's laughing away and the next she is having a meltdown.  Yes, that's mommy life with a toddler. No matter though, at the end of the day I'm still very glad to be able to spend most of my time watching her grow and being by her side, and I much rather deal with the tantrums than not be there with her at all. 

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