Monday 30 June 2014

June [ in pictures ]

June has been a crazy month. As you might have noticed, I've not been blogging that much as I normally would. This June would be a month that I would always remember yet would want to try move on from.

I'll be straightforward and say that though it seems like everything is fine and dandy cos of my happy Instagram pictures, things haven't been all that great. It's true that people usually show the good side of their life - the happy moments and wouldn't really talk or show the side of their life that isn't all that wonderful.

The past month saw me falling rather ill and I spent most of June feeling unwell and weak. It wasn't till the end of June, that I started feel less lethargic. My body's still undergoing recovery and life still goes on. Needless to say, this past month I felt all sorts of emotions and had extreme mood swings.

It's been a difficult month. At certain points, I did feel like total crap and almost nothing could turn things around. If not for the important people in my life, I might not have been able to even try and pick myself up. I still am trying to stay strong inside. I have to.

I'm so thankful for having Kaitlin in my life. She really is what keeps me strong and keeps me going. Without a doubt, she has been my ray of sunshine.

Well, negative emotions aside I would say June was a good month for me. Daddy Li was away for a week, and during which I realised that I was able to actually do solo parenting and survive a week without the husband! Pretty proud of myself there. I know lots of moms do it all the time, but hey, this is a first for me alright, so I felt like I actually achieved something :D Apart from that, I was happy to be able to meet some other bloggers at a recent event and more importantly I spent the end of June spending lots of quality time with the husband and Kaitlin. This, I'm most thankful for.

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