Monday 2 June 2014

May [ in pictures ]

May has been a month of surprises! Mostly good ones too :) Well on that note, the month has been a pretty good one except for certain days when things got out of hand. As you can probably already tell from my Instagram (@beaverwoo) pictures, I've been doing quite a fair bit of eating this past month as well! This tummy of mine is growing bigger D:

Well, can you believe it? Half the year has already gone by just like that! That's really super fast. I feel like there's so much to be done now and if only time could slow down just a little. June's going to be a tricky month for me. I don't quite like June and July so well..of course with June already here I'm dreading July. I definitely hope that June will be a good month, and even if it's still has to go on so I'm hoping I'll be able to cope with whatever comes. Have a good month, especially since it's the June holidays..that means more time with the kids :)

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