Monday 15 June 2015

Barney's Jukebox Party "Live" On Stage at City Square Mall

Kaitlin recently caught her first ‘live’ show at a mall! *milestone alert!*

Yes, it kind of just recently dawned onto me that prior to this we had never ever brought Kaitlin to catch a performance at any mall :O I know, now I feel like Kaitlin has been partially deprived of this, but well I think we never saw the appeal or gave notice to these kind of shows cos Kaitlin has never really been exposed to much of any cartoon characters or TV shows. We occasionally let her watch YouTube, and when we do it’s either Barney and Friends, nursery rhyme songs or ‘Let It Go’ and if not the Fisher Price apps. We have tried to show her different cartoons before but she rarely has any interest in them and would ask to switch to one of the above few. If you notice, she is more into watching shows that have music in them as compared to those with mainly dialogue. Well I have to also add a disclaimer that I also don't expose Kaitlin to as much screen time that most kids these days are exposed to just cos I don't really like the idea of her being addicted to TV/iPad and rather her play with her toys or read her books. 

That is why when we recently got an invite to catch Barney’s Jukebox Party at City Square Mall, I thought this would be perfect and a show that we couldn’t miss! The day before the show, I asked Kaitlin if she would like to go and she was nodding away and starting asking me all sorts of questions about the performance. 

If your young ones are into Barney & Friends, well good news! Barney’s Jukebox Party is still running from now till 21 June, so you still have time to catch the show with your kids and join the the fun activities available like Barney’s Jukebox Cookie Art Session and the ‘Good Ole Fun In the Park’ retro carnival which has all the old school carnival games and rides! That includes the Pirate Ship, Carousel, Bumper Cars and many more :D Here are some snippets of the fun we had that afternoon:

Kaitlin was pretty afraid when the show had started probably cos it was her first show and she is just timid by nature. But when the show ended she was talking about it and started to sing the Barney songs that were playing!

We also got a chance to go on stage to get a picture with Barney & Friends :D

Kaitlin got pretty excited while queuing up, and I was too cos I watched Barney as a kid #confession hehe! Though when we got on stage she was afraid to stand with Barney so we stood at the side with Baby Bop and after that she kept asking me to show her the pictures as we made our way to the carnival!

No prizes for guessing which ride she wanted to take first!

We took a break and went to grab lunch then back to the City Park for more carnival fun! I took the Tea Cup ride with Kaitlin and boy did I feel dizzy, but the bub was pretty alright and had lots of fun. Then it was her turn for the train ride and she enjoyed herself lots while on it! In general she was in such a chirpy mood that I was so relieved cos we were there past her nap time and I was afraid of a possible meltdown, but *phew* none of that :D Goes to show how entertained she was and how much she enjoyed herself!

If you think that you and your kids will have as much fun do read on below for details of City Square Mall’s June Holiday activities and promotions:

1. Barney’s Jukebox Party 'Live' On Stage
Daily except Mondays, weekdays: 1pm & 7pm, weekends: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm
Level 1 Atirum

Sing and dance to favourite hits with Barney & Friends! With min. spend of $60* shoppers can redeem an exclusive pass for the Meet & Greet session after the performance and a carnival ticket. Do note that you have to redeem this one hour prior to the show and it's limited to 50 sets.
2. Barney’s Jukebox Cookie Art Session
Daily except Mondays, 2.30pm
Level 1 Atirum

Children aged 4 and up are invited to come in their Barney clothing and decorate their own cookies. They'll also get to bring home a Barney gift, free cupcake and decorated cookie. This limited pass can be redeem with a min. spend of $100*. Limited to 40 passes per session. 

3. Good Ole Fun In The Park
Now till 28 June
Weekdays: 6pm-10pm, weekends & PH: 12noon-10pm
Level 1 City Green park
Have lots of trying out the old-school carnival games and rides with the entire family!

4. Great Gifts come Rain or Shine
Now till 28 June

Shoppers who spend a min. of $250* ($350* if inclusive of NTUC FairPrice receipts) can redeem a lightweight foldable umbrella. Shoppers can also opt to purchase $50 worth of City Square Mall vouchers and receive an additional $5 shopping voucher for free. Limited to 1 set of vouchers per shopper per day.

*Terms & Conditions apply - you can refer to the poster at the top of this post :) There's more! City Square Mall has other ongoing promotions which you can check out here

Disclaimer: We were invited to catch Barney’s Jukebox Party 'Live' On Stage and were given a complimentary Meet & Greet media pass with Barney, a carnival and train ride ticket. All opinions are views are our own and were not influenced by any external factors


  1. I took a video of the show you may want to put it at the bottom of your post.

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