Thursday 8 October 2015

September [ in pictures ]

September was a pretty busy month! Lots were happening at the same time, and I'm somewhat surprised that I managed to get through it! As KY said, September is a bad month for everyone and she even said my September's 'cui' and I got to say I agree! Well perhaps more during the trying days and on/off weeks where I was just super maxed out and frustrated. Also hated that I had to deal with issues that weren't mine to begin with and then became mine and gave me a whole lot of stress. Esp when I thought I was finally done with dealing with one matter and then cane more D: Though when I look back on September now, I feel like it wasn't so bad after all! I feel like all the awesome memories outweigh the days where I just wanted to give up.

There were quite a few firsts for Kaitlin and myself this past month. For starters, Kaitlin turned the big F-O-U-R (which I'll blog about it soon!). So of course the first two weeks of Sept was spent busy planning for Kaitlin's birthday. How is it that Kaitlin' suddenly 4?! Idk time just flew past and bam my once tiny little bub who used to coo is not a toddler who sure knows how to have a conversation and has her own sense of humor!

Well in celebration of her turning 4, and she wanting to have a Princess Hello Kitty theme birthday which she finally decided on 2 weeks before her birthday (see why I'm stressed?!), we brought her to have her first manicure!! I was feeling mixed at first..a little hesistant (cos it kind of felt like "a rite of passage" of becoming a big girl) and yet I wanted her to enjoy the princessy fun of it so I decided that well no matter if she had painted nails or not, she's still going to be my babygirl and I know that at least for the next two years or so she's still gonna wanna hold my hand and won't find it embarrassing to say 'I love you' in public! Kaitlin on the hand was being a fickle pickle cos she wanted painted nails but was afraid. Idk what comes across to her as scary about painting your nails but after convincing her that there wasn't going to be in any pain at all, she was into it. And even after her nails had dried, she was still extra careful about it till she went to bed and even the next few days she would go "ehhhhhhhh!" to anyone who touched her nails cos she was afraid the nail polish would come off. So yes, she became a tiny little diva for the first few days and I was kind of afraid she would get addicted to painting her nails (*ahem* like myself) or starting being super vain but thank goodness that hasn't really happened and she thinks that the next time she'll get to paint her nails is a special occasion like her birthday and she's fine by it! 

Kaitlin also went to Gardens By The Bay with her classmates! Though she's been there a couple of times (in fact the last time she was there was in Aug!), she was there with her friends for the first time and it wasn't parent-accompanied either. 

For me, some of the firsts included watching Sleeping Beauty on Ice at the MasterCard Theatres at MBS! I know I've been living in a cave >.< but yay I was so glad to able to watch a performance with Enna #friendshiplevelup I also finally brought KY for high tea to congratulate on graduating! #friendshiplevelupagain hehe

September was also a month of meeting up with relatives! We met up with my Uncle and his family who's been living in Canada as well as the other relatives whom we haven't been catching up with since CNY. I was really glad to being able to see my Uncle and his family again esp since it's been before secondary school that I last saw them. In fact, I've been looking forward since earlier in the year when they confirmed their trip down. Meeting up brought about alot of memories and emotions. I was happy and yet I also missed my lare Dad alot, especially with how this Uncle of mine looks and is so similar to my Dad. Moreover, September's my dad's birthday so alot of the time I found it hard to deal with emotionally. It's really difficult when there's no one else who has had the same experience or is in a similar situation. Kind of like having no one to relate to, and sometimes even talking about it wouldn't help cos the other party won't fully be able to understand.

But well..I guess the hardest and trying times and experiences that we go through are what makes us all come out stronger right? That just sounded positive and I'm not even sure that I can fully believe in that all the time just cos I'm not the most positive person as I've been told. I guess I just prefer to be realistic and not get my hopes up and then crushed. So while I'm not all "everything will be alright or just fine..", I've been trying to convince myself to try (yes, try) to be more optimistic cos hopefully good vibes and energy will make things better.

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