Thursday 19 July 2012

Baby Signing

Kaitlin has been babbling more and more each day, of course those are calm and cute moments where we are able to slowly interpret what she is trying to tell us and maybe even take adorable peektures of her in the process. Then, there are moments where she is wailing or screaming her life away, trying to communicate to us what's the problem, but of course there are 1001 possibilities. Thus, I thought it's about time we taught her baby signing.

Lihai and I were initially not for the idea of baby signing as we were afraid it might end up replacing speech as a form of communication, but of course, most say it helps rather than hinders. 

After going through a few websites, I think I've finally come to a conclusion with myself. If time permitted, and I had the patience, I might have read a few more sites and lengthened the research I've done..but I just can't bring myself to read anymore, especially with a stye on my right eye that has been irritating the hell out of me.  

The conclusion is..I'm just going to teach Kaitlin baby signing. I'm not gonna teach her like a billion gestures, that there might be the possibility where she will use it as a permanent form of communication, but just enough to tell us her needs. Of course, I'm going do all of that at our own pace. Perhaps, starting with basics like "food", "poo poo" and not forgetting.. "i love you"!

Next step after this decision..convincing the husband. I sounded the idea out to him yesterday, and   he didn't seem to be against that's a good start I guess!

Found a baby signing chart that we could use:

This website seems pretty useful too. Will see how it goes..maybe Kaitlin might not even want to learn baby signing! If baby signing works out, I might update about our progress :)

If anyone has any thoughts or tips about baby signing or any experience with it, please let me know yeah! Babygirl and I will appreciate it max :D


  1. Hello Beverly, just thought I'd let you know that baby signing is fantastic! My nephew learned and it is definitely much easier to communicate. Especially in his case since he has a rare condition that slowed his development process. We are blessed to have an alternative route to communicate. He always wants to show us what he knows and signs his needs too. We started by buying baby signing books and later enrolled him in actual baby-signing sessions at SignShine. The classes are very fun and engaging. My nephew enjoys every bit of it. I definitely plan on teaching my kids to baby sign!

  2. Hi Cristal, thanks for letting me know more about baby signing! I've started to teach my baby baby signing, but she doesn't seem to have learnt it yet. Suppose it will take awhile more. Thanks for commenting :)