Saturday 7 July 2012

fourteen months

Today marks 14 months of our marriage! Yes, awesome husband Lihai & me:) I can't find anything to complain about, unless you want me to be nitpicky and stuff..then perhaps it would be his snoring..which makes it hard for me to fall asleep..but HELLO. I RATHER HEAR SNORING EVERY NIGHT THAN TO BE ALONE ON A BED WITHOUT HIM BY MY SIDE #mushymuch <3

As such, I feel like being random so here's 5 things I love about Lihai:

1. I love how when I complain I have a tummy ache or my tummy feels funny and he would immediately ask if I want to rub oil and he will go get the oil and rub it for me! Feel so lovedddd! Like hello..I have my own pair of hands, I can do it myself..but he does it for me & it just feels nice having someone else rub warm oil on your tummy to make you more comfortable right!

2. I love how we always have our own language. Like we communicate in a way where we understand what each other mean and I just love how he understands what I'm trying to when I make eye contact or nudge him to look at someone amongst a crowd coming towards us and he just gets who is it I'm referring to and what is it about that person I'm judging and vice versa!

3. I love his honesty. YAYYY! KEEP IT UP HUBXZ!

4. I love how he always supports me and gives me his frank opinion. Nothing more important than having those qualities. Wouldn't want him to be all like yah yah you can do it, when he doesn't actually believe in me or doesn't believe it's possibe.

5. I love how he always volunteers to go out and buy food for me when I say I'm hungry. Of course, I have never made him done that! It's just nice enough to hear his sincerity of wanting me to be full and happy :D


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