Friday 17 August 2012

Friday Five - Popsicle Party

Going eye-popsicle (hehe geddit?) crazyyyyy on Pinterest!

Love de-stressing via Pinterest at the end of a crazy day or even afternoon (hey! i need a break too alright!). All the pretty peektures and amazing things people do just..amaze me! Wish I was as arty-farty and creative like them! 

via Zoku

How to resist all these super preets and cute popsicles?! Makes me feel like throwing a popsicle party! I actually bought popsicle moulds last year or maybe two years ago but I have yet to use it! I got mine at Daiso, not sure if they still have it. Perhaps I will give popsicle making a try this weekend to beat the insane afternoon heat!

I'm thinking of getting the popsicle maker from I can make super cute popsicles like these:

via Zoku

I totz wanna make these kawaii cartoon popsicles for Kaitxz!! I know it would be awhile before she can actually eat popsicles, but so cuteeeeee I can't wait!! Not forgetting...Halloween is coming real soon and these would be so adorbxz to give to kids instead of the usual candy!

via Zoku

Looking at these popsicles is getting me into the xmas holiday mood already!

 via Zoku

To get...or not to get??

via Zoku

If anyone has the Zoku Quick Pop Maker and character kit, please let me know what you think of it and if it's a good buy! 

I'm also thinking of getting a pie maker, ice-cream maker, cast iron thing for waffles and a bread maker. I told Daddy Li and he says "You everything also want.." :( greedy like that cannot is it! Anyway, I've a good reason cos I will defo make yummy food for him and Kaitxz to eat (or at least try..), so valid reason to get all the above methinks.

Happy Friday all! It's gonna be a long weekend :) Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest!

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