Wednesday 22 August 2012

LEAP SchoolHouse Trial

A few weeks back, Lihai and I brought babygirl to her LEAP SchoolHouse Trial. In case you were wondering, the school's located at City Square Mall.

I didn't know about this school, and it was through a trip to expo for a babyfair that I learnt about this school and signed babygirl up for the trial class.

We were all rather tired out by the time it came for Kaitlin's class and babygirl was being naughty and didn't want to nap initially, and we were super afraid she would be cranky during class time. Fortunately, with much perseverance, we managed to get babygirl to nap like 15 minutes before class. 

I carried her out from her pram and she ended up waking up, but thankfully, she wasn't cranky! :D:D:D Super happy! Now, all we had to do was hope that she would enjoy class and not get restless or bored halfway through. 

Class was about an hour and a half. It started off with 25 min of free play. Okay, so here's that part where Lihai and I weren't too crazy about. Yes, I get it. Free play for them to have a better feel of their environment, to calm down and all. I understand and I approve of it...but 25 minutes of it is really a tad too long..Even Lihai and I got bored and honestly, babygirl is not the kind that can sit still for too long doing the same thing. Well, she was fine during freeplay, but towards the end of the class she got restless..guess she got bored of her environment.

When free play time was over, it was on to music time and after that it was gym time!

I think gym time was great fun for Kaitlin and I personally felt it was one of the better programmes planned for the lesson. 

Kaitlin not only got to try out new things, but she got to interact with the other kids during this time. There were times when the other babies wanted the ball or other toys or when Kaitlin wanted them, so we had the chance to teach her some social skills there.

Just look at her go all around the gym room! Lihai and I were totally amazed at what she could do. Yes, I do interact with Kaitlin every day but I was really wow-ed by what she could do. I guess it's cos we don't have these facilities at home so it was a great opportunity for Kaitlin to showcase her abilities! :D #proudmommymoment

Look how happy she is! Totally made our day!!

After gym time, it was snack time!! Got Kaitlin hydrated and fed and it was on to story time and the babies had the chance to play with bubbles. There was also a short Chinese session. That's when I totally zoned out. I couldn't keep up and honestly by then I was tired out already. I think Kaitlin was probably drained out from all the gym activity too cos she was getting restless. 
The class ended with some craft time, and then we sang songs to say goodbye.

We were supposed to teach Kaitlin how to colour and paste things together to make a house. It didn't really work out cos babygirl was getting really cranky. In fact, a few of the kids were starting to make abit of noise, but they eventually calmed down, while Kaitlin decided to be a bad ass..but that's fine with us cos well we know our babygirl just doesn't take to well to being at the same place for too long..

Overall, we felt the lesson was not too bad. We didn't really enjoy the long free play time. I liked that they had craft time even though Kaitlin didn't participate much. Lihai wasn't too crazy about the craft part cos he kinda questioned whether the materials were safe for babies to use and what if they put it into their mouths..I think the lessons should be shorter, like perhaps an hour, with shortened free play time of course. I personally felt that the Chinese session was quite redundant cos like the babies are probably wondering why the teacher is suddenly speaking in another language. I feel if another language were to be taught to kids it should be done separately if not it would just make them feel confused. Still, I feel it is not harm trying out different schools to see and experience their programmes, cos each parent has their own view on how their babies should be taught, and each baby themselves are different.

So far, I pretty much prefer GUG and Julia Gabriel, though I am a little bias towards Julia Gabriel based on my own experience when I was younger. Our Music Studio is a possibility for us if we decided to let Kaitxz go to a class purely for music. We've got a few more places to try out like Gymboree, Baby Jumper Gym, Shichida etc. Have not scheduled any trials as yet cos I've been pretty busy..but we'll see how it goes. Might sign Kaitlin up for classes proper when she turns after a year old.

If you would like to check out LEAP SchoolHouse..

LEAP SchoolHouse
City Square Mall
Tel: 6634 0828
Opening Hours: Daily 9am - 6pm

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