Sunday 9 September 2012

Crystal Jade Steamboat Buffet

Met up with the girls last week as Val was back in SG! :) Super happy to finally catch up with them + let Kaitxz meet her godparents + eat good food = a super un-blue Monday despite the crazy rain that day!

The prawns were seriously hugeeeee! A pity I was lazy to I only had one hurhur. They had a pretty good selection of food to choose from. From green leafy veggies, mushrooms to tofu and sliced meats (pork, beef, chicken). They even had liver! There was also fried mantous on the menu that were so tiny and cute! We were expecting them to be the actual size but they were much smaller. A tad hard to bite but still yummy! 

There were also different types of noodles you could choose from..even udon, which Val ordered!  The place also has a small condiment section where you can go choose and mix all the different sauces that you want. KY came up with some concoction that was pretty yummy but had too much garlic for me.

We had mala soup and pork bone soup. Both were yummy, and the pork bone one was really good! Totz (totally) recommend you guys to order it!

(picture credit to Kar Yan)
As part of the buffet, you can also order Char Siew Pau and Xiao Long Baos! How awesome is that?! I ordered two longs of XLBs for myself. Don't judge okay! I was famished and I really love XLBs!

Omg, I remember how I used to love eating XLBs last time. It's like pure heaven, and almost every other week I would need to dine at Din Tai Fung or Crystal Jade just to eat XLBs. Until...I got preggers, and I just didn't really like XLBs anymore. So strangeeeeeee. Anyone who doesn't like XLB must be insane, or they've probably never eaten one in their lives. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE XLBs?! I really don't understand! They are like the best dim sum dish besides like Har Gow and Liu Sha Bao!

Super love the tofu and century egg appetizer! Their desserts were pretty good as well! If you guys want to try the buffet..and you should cos it's pretty can head on over to

Crystal Jade La Mian and Xiao Long Bao (Holland Village)
Add: 241 Holland Avenue, Holland Village 
Tel: 6463 0968
Opening Hours: 11am - 12mn Daily

Ending off this post with...

(picture credit to Valerie)
Yayy! Love these awesome people in my life! It's always great to catch up esp when Val is back! Makes me really miss internship days...having brekkie together...chasing KY to stop doing her work and go for lunch. Tapao-ing lunch back for Ronald. Gossiping about people..trying to scare Ronald and spilling coffee in his cubicle. Not forgetting staying back in the office to do our work  together <3 SUCH AWESOME PEOPLE in my life <3<3<3 

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  1. omgomgomg someone finally likes the stuff i mix :> luv you too beaverrr.