Monday 24 September 2012

Kaitlin's passport photo

So, we've been wanting to get Kaitlin's passport done..and at first, we tried to take pictures of her ourselves and ended up with these..

Finally, since I was at the ICA building to collect my own passport, I decided to head over the the area where they help people take photos to see if the did take photos for babies, and yes the did! So happy!! I quickly got in line and had Kaitlin's photo taken. 

The process was so fast and no hassle at all. I just had to put her on the bumbo, and seat near her to hold her in case she falls off. A couple of clicks and we were done! Here's the photo:

I was so excited to like how the picture came out! Haha I know it does not look much, but still very precious and cute to me okay. It's a mother thing. Who doesn't think their own kid is more adorable than others?! So..there we go! Kaitlin's first passport photo! 

Only problem now got rejected, cos apparently the facial image is too big -.- Going to try re-submitting it again and hope it gets approved.

Quite a bleak start to the week as I've got lots of paperwork and letters to deal with and this week's starting off to be rather packed as well. Do hope your week is starting off much better than mine!

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