Wednesday 26 September 2012

Mid-Week Musings

If you've been following me on Twitter (add me @beaverwoo if you haven't!), you would know that babygirl has taken her first few steps! 

It first happened on 22nd September (Sunday). She took 1-2 steps, but it wasn't really confirmed. On Monday, she took a few more steps in the evening and walked towards me! Later on in the night, she walked towards Lihai as well and this time she walked more than a few steps. I think at least 10 steps! On Tuesday, she successfully moved half a room's length there about!

Here's a .gif of the video I filmed when Lihai was holding her hand and walking with her while we were out. The actual video was much longer cos she walked quite a distance while holding Daddy Li's hand. *clap hands*

I filmed the next video..just this evening and converted into a .gif as well!

Yes! That's right! That's Kaitlin walking! Managed to finally film it. It does not do her much justice cos she can walk distances longer than that, and at times she can walk back and forth, of course with our help of turning her around and cheering her on! Sometimes, she even walks very fast/almost running towards us.

Seriously so cute watching her walk, and it makes me so happy to see how fast she has grown. Don't belittle babies and toddlers okay. They learn and adapt real fast! The progress she made over a few days is really amazing. #superproudmommymoment

I absolutely love my job as a mommy! It's moments like these, that make dull days so spanking awesome and makes all the blood (getting injured while looking after them), sweat (all the running around + housework + all the weight you are carrying) and tears (tough days are real tough) all worth it!

Also, just the other day, babygirl kissed Lihai on the lips! precious. Can't deny I got a little jealous cos she refused to kiss me, but it's okay, cos on Tuesday she tried to mouth me. Don't get the wrong idea! What I mean is..she kinda tried to eat me up. She leaned forward and attempted to eat me, but of course I was too huge for her and I dodged before she could bite me! It's really okay..I don't mind the occasional accidental kisses and smothering of saliva from her. The day shall come, where she will say "I love you, mama!" and I will get the most precious of kisses from her!:D


  1. Congratz Beverly & Kaitlin :) That must be a memorable milestone - walking!

  2. Thanks Geraldine! It really is a memorable one. Can't wait to see what she does/learns next!