Thursday 18 October 2012

Kaitlin's 1st Birthday - actual day! [Part Two]

Hey there! I'm back with part two of Kaitlin's First Birthday :) Here's part one if you missed it, and if have not checked out Kaitlin's First Birthday Party, do go over to take a look! It was a pink bunny themed birthday :)

Babygirl woke up from her nap all cheery! That's always a good thing :)

Undressed and ready to have some fun with paint!

I wanted to do something as a birthday tradition for we did a hand and foot print for her and of course as the years go by, we'll do it and see how she has grown! Idk how long this will last before Kaitlin refuses to do it and calls it "lame". I hope she doesn't but you know teenagers will have their teenage angst and want to be cool and all. We wanted to do a couple of other things as traditions but we kinds forgot. I KNOW. HOW COULD WE? I really don't know, but I blame it on exhausation.

We continued playing with paint since Kaitlin seemed so happy and she was so concentrated with exploring the paint and all

The next few pictures were taken at the same time as when Kaitlin was born exactly a year ago..

I wanted to spend some alone special moments with Kaitlin and Daddy Li to just cuddle and remember everything about Kaitlin's birth <3 I attempted to carry her in the way parents usually carry their newborns..but that failed..guess she really is a big girl now! 

After all that cuddly stuff, we got dressed cos Daddy Li had to book back into camp and I had wanted to send him off together with while waiting for Daddy to get changed I took a few more photos of babygirl

Daddy Li changed and we took a few more photos and then it was almost time for him to go

Time to leave the house and send Daddy Li off!

So that's about it for Kaitlin's birthday. We didn't do much, but I guess it was well spent with the right people.

Intend to continue recording what Kaitlin likes/loves/enjoys each time she turns a year older, so that she has something to remember and look back at when she's all grown up. When she has her own kids, she can even compare what her kids like at a certain age with what she likes at that age.   

Finally done with blogging about Kaitlin's birthday. One birthday for a ONE year old translated into THREE posts! 

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