Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012

It's been days since my last blog post! I apologise as I've been busy spending time with the family and enjoying the Christmas holiday :D + we've all been down with a terrible cold :(

I hope your Christmas celebration with your loved ones were great.  We didn't do anything fancy this year, but I was happy with the way we spent it. None of the overrated stuff, just us and the baby girl doing our usual.

I cooked us a Christmas Eve dinner and here's the baby girl joining us! She actually had her dinner earlier on, but we didn't want to leave her out so she got some puffs and biscuits!

That white speck on her cheek is like her food -.- She's such a funny girl sometimes. Anyway! Back to the dinner. I tried all new recipes, meaning I had never cooked them before, and thankfully they turned out okay. I wouldn't say fantastic, but it was decent enough to eat!

This is the Roasted Butternut Squash soup with toasted butternut squash seeds

This soup was hard work! I don't think I will be making it anytime soon even though Daddy Li said it was yummy. Thankfully Kaitlin napped for an hour (all thanks to Daddy Li!) after Ronald visited us to pass us presents! Thank you Ronald :D and I had that one hour of time to quickly cook everything. It was a mad rush and luckily almost all was done when she woke up. 

Of course when she woke up she clinged onto me like a koala so I had to get Daddy Li to help me with the layering of the lasagne! I must say he did a good job there! 

Here's our dinner! Roasted Butternut Squash soup  + Tomato and Basil Salad with Mozzarella cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette + Beef Lasagne + Watermelon and Strawberry Salad

I also wanted to get us a roast chicken from the supermarket but luckily I didn't cos there was too much food and we couldn't finish. 

The rest of the night was spent chilling at home. Daddy Li and I stayed up till midnight to wish each other Merry Christmas, and then we KO-ed after #growingold

I told Kaitlin to try and sleep through the night if not Santa wouldn't come and she would instead get all her Christmas presents stolen. Obviously that didn't work and she still got to open her presents after brekkie.

She opened her first present, and was immediately in love with it that she didn't even bother opening the rest. In fact, there are still two more presents for her under the Christmas tree waiting to be opened!

After all the present opening, we headed out for Christmas brunch!

Mandatory Christmas day shots. In fact they were the only shots of us on that day! Kaitlin got bored of taking photos hence the stoned face. She was probably thinking when am I gonna stop taking pictures already!

Brunch was at Prive. We were really looking forward to brunch there since our last visit a year ago, but to be frank, we were really disappointed. I ordered the pork belly with crackling skin and it did not crackle at all D: 

Lihai got the wagyu burger. It wasn't fantastic, but decent at least. 

Kaitlin slept through brunch even though it was rather noisy, and longer than usual as well so that was really good! When she woke up, we stopped by Toast Box so that we could feed her lunch.

Got us a pork floss thick toast to share. We hung around Vivo City for a little longer and then headed home cos I really could not take it already. The cold was getting to me and I was feeling extremely unwell. 

Rested for abit when we got back and we had dinner then headed out to town to see why the roads were closed that evening. Turns out it was nothing much, but it was so insanely crowded with everyone taking pictures and crowding around buskers. 

So that was basically how we spent our Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner, and we are all still ill :(( It's driving me crazy cos I just want to get well already!

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