Monday 10 December 2012

She surprises me yet again

Today was such a long day! The past week has been pretty tiring, without out the help of an extra pair of hands, aka, Daddy Li, and today was the same situation again since he couldn't come home.

The day started off rocky. Kaitlin woke up earlier than usual. Not her fault there, since she slept earlier the night before. She didn't want to eat her breakfast, and didn't take a proper morning nap..and then she didn't want to eat much for lunch. She finished what was in her bowl, but that was only because I played it safe and gave her two spoonfuls. Yeah, that's all she ate.

If you're wondering is she not hungry? Well, I guess she wasn't cos she was practically bugging to be breastfed the first half of the day, which kind of explains her appetite.

I was thinking in my head that today was surely gonna be a long day. I still had to tackle dinner time and sleeptime.

Well, things took a turn in the evening. I brought her out to play at the playground at Paragon in the evening. It started to rain a little and I had to put the rain cover for the pram on. She wasn't open to the idea, and was making a little noise initially, but I just told her nicely that I really didn't have a choice, and to bear with it for awhile. She probably felt contained with the cover on, but it was really a no-choice situation. I rather she cry then fall ill. To my surprise, she took it well, and kept quiet till we got to the bus stop. That definitely made me feel relieved, but I still had to worry about getting on the crowded bus, and getting off and putting her back on her pram with the cover on.

I worried too much. Kaitlin was such an angel. Initially, when we got off the bus and I put her on the pram, she was making noise again, but I told her again that I really didn't want this and I'm really sorry about it and handed her her baby doll and she was fine. No screaming, no tears.

We got home, and I immediately prepared her dinner, and thinking to myself what a good girl she's been and even if she didn't want to eat her dinner, that's fine. I shall try to remain patient and encourage her still. Well, my babygirl surprised me yet again. She ate her dinner. No fuss at all.

No fuss showering and changing into her pjs and getting to sleep. In fact, though she took quite a while to sleep, she didn't even make much noise as compared to usual so that's good.

Plus, she was so well behaved despite the fact that it was about time when she would have felt tired, and would've been cranky, but she wasn't at all! Throughout the time from when we put her on the pram till she fell asleep, I felt so sorry that she had to sit and I couldn't carry her, plus she had to have that stupid rain cover on which she didn't really like much. I felt so bad, but I really didn't want her to fall ill, and she understood my intentions <3

Sure, the day started off not too well, and the past week was tough, but just these few moments make everything worth it. I know it's not like this good behaviour will continue tomorrow and will be permanent. No, I am not being pessimistic and doubting my daughter's abilities. I'm just saying..she's a kid, and all kids have their mischievous ways. But really, the one or two hours where she was so co-operative, makes everything feel SO.WORTH.IT and I am so proud of my little girl.

I'm glad that Kaitlin has grown so much. Sure, she is cheeky and can be naughty and stubborn, but I'm glad that I can still talk her around and she'll listen and even understands. I was already worrying what to do with this fiesty one. I wouldn't be surprised if she was rebellious and all, but there is hope I guess! Patience and love, are two very important things I've learnt being a mother thus far. I really hope I can bring Kaitlin up to be a fine young lady with good values.

Kaitlin, you've been so wonderful and great this evening. It really makes mommy feel so happy. I know you're a bright girl who can be really mischievous, but you can be a really good girl as well. Thank you for being so cooperative this evening. I'm sure you can continue this great behaviour, especially since you are growing up and starting to understand our intentions better. Lots of love and kisses from Mommy to you. I love you sweetheart and I hope you continue to grow up being an understanding and thoughtful girl.

That's a picture of Kaitlin I took yesterday, while we were waiting for Daddy Li to cut his hair. I'm starting to feel like I can foresee what her personality and character is gonna be like from these pictures! Hehe we'll see if my guesses are right :)

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