Monday 25 February 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

I know it's way past Valentine's Day, but I'm still gonna blog about it anyway!

First! A thousand apologies for totally neglecting this space. Quite annoyed at myself for being so lazy actually, but I will try to get my writing groove back. Time has just been passing by too fast, and I've been feeling really lost in thoughts recently.

Back to what this post was supposed to be about! Valentine's Day for us was a simple affair. In fact, we didn't really end up going according to what was planned cos I wasn't feeling very well by afternoon. Was feel so nauseous and dizzy :( I know you are probably she preggers? No I regret to inform you I am not. I even took a pregnancy test to confirm.

In any case, our day started off with me bringing Daddy Li to brunch at Spruce! Our first time even though I've been wanting to go for like forever and it's in fact very close to our place. I suppose more visits in the near future perhaps? It really is a lovely place and I even considered to switch Kaitlin's school there so that I could just spend my days there and wait for her to end class while chilling at Spruce reading magazines or just thinking about life.

We ended up at Spruce for quite some time cos we had some difficulties in getting Kaitlin to nap with all the noise around us. That was great for me cos I got to chill with Daddy Li and let the day pass by just like that.

We ordered some tapas to share. Spanish Omelette, Spanish Chicken Wings and Seared Calamari. I loved the calamari the most.

Both Daddy Li and I didn't find the omelette and wings any special, so you might want to skip that.
For mains, Daddy Li ordered the Whole Roasted Snapper and I ordered the Pan Fried Norwegian Salmon. Yes it was a rather fishy lunch that we had. Quite odd, cos we have never really both ordered fish items. Usually we would take different mains like for example one takes fish and the other poultry or red meat or something else like pasta/pizza.

Daddy Li's Snapper was huge! It was even more amazing that he ate it up cos it had bones and all. Usually he doesn't eat fish with bones. In any case, the fish was really well done. Soft and didn't have the fishy smell. My salmon was yummy as well, but not something that I would recommend you trying since there seem to be other more yummy dishes on their menu.

We spent the rest of our time there sipping coffee and tea and chatting while waiting for Kaitlin to wake up. Perfect way to spend the day I would say!

It was pouring heavily so we went straight home and I was feeling super unwell. Dizzy and nauseous. We ended up nuahing in bed for quite awhile. We were supposed to bake together but I ended up baking alone cos Daddy Li said he had to settle some stuff.

In case you were wondering what I baked...I baked macarons and they were a complete fail hence no pictures D: feel so hopeless when it comes to baking. I think it's my oven that's the problem though. I know right...blame it on the technology -.-

Well, Daddy Li finally came back home and surprised me with flowers, balloons and chocolates <3

Flowers with my favourite tulips, heart shaped (my favourite shape!) pink (my favourite colour!) and red balloons and green tea (my favourite flavour!) chocolate. It seems so cliche with the flowers, balloons and chocolates, but I'm a sucker for all things romantic and plus all my favourites!!

He even tied the balloons outside and told me to go to the door cos something/someone was outside.

Yes, he did this all in the rain which explains the umbrella in the picture.

Pretty tulips and rows of yummy green tea goodness. Happy girl max!

Daddy Li planned to bring me for dinner but we didn't go in the end cos I was still feeling unwell. It's been postponed, so when we go I'll update about it :) We ended up calling for Thai delivery which took forever to come! Thankfully we weren't hungxz or I would have died waiting D:

That's basically how our Valentine's went..Well I definitely hope that we'll be spending more Vdays together and that our love never becomes boring or stale. To be honest, the longer we are together, the more I kind of feel afraid that our happy days will soon be gone but let's just hope all that is rubbish thinking!

Happy Valentines Day hubxz! Love you now, love you always <3

Hope you all had an enjoyable Vday! Check back soon for more updates :)

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