Monday 1 April 2013

March [ in pictures ]

Another month has gone by just like that! March was a pretty tiring month. Daddy Li was away quite a bit, which made handling things a little harder at home. An extra pair of hands is always good, but well, we got to make do. Kaitlin's displaying more and more of her character. She really is a fiesty one. She'll start crying/whining if she doesn't get what she wants. Sounds like a bratty child eh? Well, I'm hoping this won't last long, and it's just a phase. Hopefully she will grow up to be an understanding, reasonable and patient young lady. Babygirl can also be really funny at times, with all her different expressions. For example, when she doesn't want to eat, and I try to feed her she will close her eyes and sometimes cover it, like "oh no, please!! No!". Super hilarious. 

We visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens quite a bit in March. Been bringing Kaitlin to walk walk there and feed the fishes and swans. I enjoy bringing her there, cos she gets to be close to nature, and is not just cooped up at home. Plus, the morning sun is good for health right!
I've got to admit, I also did quite a fair bit of shopping this month. :( Alot of thoughts have been in my head, which leads to me shopping cos it makes me feel better. I know, I've a problem D:

Recently, we fell ill as well. Kaitlin went for her jab. Two in one day. She was quite a trooper, until a few days later she got a fever. I probably jinxed it! Well, it was quite scary cos Kaitlin has never had fever before, so it was our first time dealing with it. It's difficult when you are looking after a child who can't communicate much and is ill cos you really don't know how they are feeling. Fever was gone in about 2/3 days. Huge sigh of relief...but not for long cos Kaitlin fell ill with a bad cough and cold. She vomited quite a fair bit due to her cough, and her sleep was disrupted. After two days of this, I decided to just bring her to the doctor (again! Twice in slight more than a week!). She's recovering now, which also explains why she didn't attend school today. It's supposed to be her first day, but I decided to keep her at home till she's fully recovered. So badass right. Not going to school on her supposed first day! Honestly, quite tempted to keep her home with me for like a week, just cos I can't bear to see her cry and possibly fall ill again just after she has recovered :( As I said..WE fell ill. Yes, I ended up falling ill probably due to close contact with Kaitlin, and also the lack of rest while she was ill. Daddy wasn't home when Kaitlin fell ill, so it was pretty much me looking after Kaitlin most of the time. I'm still ill also, and well Daddy is falling ill too.

So that was how March was like for us! Hoping that we faster recover, and that April will be a productive month. Not forgetting, I'm really hoping that Kaitlin settles well in school, and won't catch any nasty bugs there. Cross fingers that it will be a good month!

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