Tuesday 14 May 2013

Mothers' Day 2013

Happy Belated Mothers' Day to all the mommies out there :) Sometimes I feel it should be Mothers' Day everyday..or at least once a week don't you think!

Mothers' Day this year was quite different as I hoped for it be. Well, I won't lie, I definitely thought I could possibly rest in a little more and relax on this day, but well we all know a mother is on call 24/7. Kaitlin was being a mischievous one and wasn't exactly on her best behaviour, but well that's kids for you right.

Nevertheless, it was still great to be able to spend time with Kaitlin and Daddy Li. Daddy Li brought us for brunch at PS. Cafe.

It was a yummy one, and here comes the confession. We gave Kaitlin her first taste of fries D: She saw us nomming away on the truffle fries, and of course didn't want to miss out on the action, so well we just decided that just for today..she shall have some fries. Yikes! Before you start judging, it ain't easy to say 'No' to a toddler, without a meltdown following after, and we really didn't want such a situation happening. Afterall, it's the weekends, so I think an occasional treat is fine.

We also got the PS. Breakfast Stack to share. It was a little too "vegetarian" for us, cos there was no meat at all..should have like some bacon or sausages. But anyway! The portobello mushroom was lovely. It was so juicy and so full of flavour, and the poached egg was cooked to perfection.

At night, I got a handwritten note from Kaitlin with the help of Daddy of course. She of course wanted to "personalize" her note which explains the lines everywhere, but well I like it that way :))

Prior to our Sunday celebration, I also received presents from Kaitlin on Friday. Gotta thank her teachers for it as well. My first mommy day presents, definitely keeping them cos I'm a sentimental person like that :)

On Saturday, Daddy Li also cooked me my favourite steak with mushroom sauce. Love it. Super good and I wish I could have more. I know I sound like a glutton, but hey hey you can't have enough of food that's cooked with love right! Thanks hubxz <3

So well, that's how Mothers' Day went for me..still on duty, and well..frankly if I left Kaitlin all to Daddy Li, I would have most definitely been worrying all day cos I'm such a worry wart, and needless to say I would have missed her lots.

Now that I'm writing this post, I can finally reflect on life as a mother this past one and a half years. All I can say is, it was very different from what I expected. I definitely knew that being a mother will never be easy, and there will be crying babies and hair-pulling moments, but just knowing and experiencing it first hand is a vast difference.

I'll go a further step to admit that I do complain about Kaitlin's bad behaviour or the lack of time I have for sleep and freedom, but I still love that girl so very much. I'm not a perfect mother, and looking after kids ain't a bed of roses. On Saturday, I even had a meltdown and cried really bad cos of so many different reasons relating to Motherhood. The whole journey from being pregnant to giving birth, and bringing up a baby was never easy. Daddy Li suggested switching Kaitlin to full day school, so I could have a break and rest or do whatever I wanted. I immediately said no and cried even harder. That's not what I wanted. I so very much want to be a part of Kaitlin's life and growing journey. I want to be there for her whenever I can, to be there for her, support her and comfort her. To be the bad guy that disciplines her when she's done something wrong, and to also be the one to encourage and praise her along the way.

I told him point blank that yes I am tired, yes it's not easy, and I get angry or frustrated, but since I've decided to give birth to her and bring her into this world, it is my responsibility to look after her. Not that it is said that it is our responsibility to do so, but I very much believe that it is. Why give birth to a child if you don't have the intention to look after him or her and want to outsource someone else to do it. Of course, I do understand that in certain situations, some people don't have a choice. But given a choice, I do think parents should be there for their children whenever they can.

From the very first time that I carried her while still in the operating theatre, I could only think of how  she would be a part of my life for real now, and that I will do whatever I can to give her the best and shower with all the love and concern I can. I knew that no matter what I would protect her with all my life. No matter what happens, if she hates me or thinks I'm a nag and bothersome in the future, I'll still be her mother, and will always love her.

So till today, I've not had a full sleep for more than two hours, I've not been able to go about most of my usual activities as in the past like going to beach to tan, or having a fun night out..but I do get smiles, hugs and kisses from the little one. Sometimes watching her sleep can even be the highlight of my day.

Motherhood is life changing, it's scary (especially if you are a first timer, and being the first amongst your friends to give birth and don't know who to turn to for help or advice), it's tiring, it's smelly (poop cleaning and sometimes you don't even get to shower), it tests your patience (tantrums and bad behaviour), but it's the best thing that's ever happened to me, that and getting married.

I love you so so so very much babygirl. Thank you so much for coming into my world, and letting me be a part of yours.

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  1. OMG YAY SHE TASTED FRIES HAHA!!! <3 the photo of you and her is damn cute! the angle makes it look like Kaitlin's the one holding the phone/camera. <3<3<3 & haiyo, im sure you are the PERFECT mother in Kaitlin's eyes so dont stress/cry anymore leh! &&& we need to meet soon before i fly awayyyy~

    though my semester is over, i still have a presentation to do this week omg sobs SEE YOU&KAITSXZ SOON OK.

    1. Hello KY!!! Awww you are the sweetest <3 Yes, we must meet up before you leave! Will whataspp you! JY for your presentation :)