Friday 21 June 2013

Kaitlin is 21 months old!

My usual monthly posts about Kaitlin's development is finally here! There aren't much pictures of K this time round as well as I only took pictures of her in the evening and even almost nearly forgot about it. Plus this girl was super active so it was hard to get her to keep still. More than half the images taken were all blurry :(
In any case! Here's the update:

Kaitlin can say more words like hat, towel, nana (banana), dark, I want, I don't want, no way, walk walk, milk milk, bar (bear), why no, orh orh, ai ni, knock knock
She can mimic animal actions/movements: hopping like a bunny, crawling like a cat
Able to make animal sounds like baa and roar
Kaitlin is able to recognize objects and name them, for example, if she spots a cow, car, dog, cat, chair etc she will name it. If it's dark or hot, she'll say it too. Her concept can sometimes be abit confused, but it's a good start
She can also identify a few body parts like eyes, ears, nose, mouth, knees, toes, armpit, tongue, belly button, tummy.

Knows how to wear shoes on her own, and take them off. Learnt to remove socks on her own as well.
She recently likes to wear socks at home for the fun of it.
She also recently starting following us on her own accord and wears house slippers around the house.
She likes to look at herself in the mirror (future vainpot!)
Knocks a closed door before she enters..and also before she leaves the room!
Can throw quite a tantrum.
Able to colour and scribble.
Loves stickers.
She also likes to watch nursery rhyme videos
Not afraid of the dark! Let's hope this continues :)
She's still as adventurous! Climbing everywhere, jumping on sofas, standing up on her high chair and doing all sorts of other dangerous stunts!
Loves to play Boo!

We also recently attended our first PTC. Yes, I know, what?! Preschool also have PTC, sounds abit much, but I think it's actually good cos it's like you can sit down with the teacher and find out more about your child's progress and ask any questions. So that's great cos I think communication between teachers and parents is actually very important. Might do an update about her school progress soon.

The past month, I really have observed K making vast improvements in terms of her speech which is great cos I was getting worried. Also, I felt like homelearning at home has paid off. Actually I haven't done much homelearning with her recently as I've been busy with other matters, but I've still continued to reinforce the theme she is learning in school at home by borrowing books related to the theme and going through with her about it whenever I have the chance to and most of it is just based on our everyday observations of the things around us.

I'm definitely excited to see what else this girl can do! She really does amaze me, and seeing her grow and mature everyday is just great. Miss those baby years, but hey toddler years are awesome too!

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