Wednesday 31 July 2013

July [ in pictures ]

It's the last day of July! On to August, and soon September which also means Kaitlin's birthday!! I'm already thinking of what to pack for her goodie bag hehe.

July's been alright. Not as bad as I expected it to be. To be frank, this month I just felt very here and there but not anywhere. Does that even make sense? I felt like I was busy for the first few weeks but yet I don't really know what I was busy with. The last two weeks though, I've just felt very unmotivated and this week is worse. I feel even more bleagh about life, wish I could getaway and be all by myself, but well mommy duties. I know Daddy Li is fine with taking over, but well a part of me just can't shirk my mommy responsibilities and I will definitely miss them lots. So I'll just have to deal with my own issues whenever I can and continue with life.

I'm hoping I can get through this phase fast. I don't like feeling this way, and it kind of affects my patience and tolerance level. I don't want to end up flaring at Kaitlin easily just cos I'm not in the best of moods.

I just realised how depressing this post has become. But well, the truth is, not everything is always fine and dandy, and I don't believe in just blogging about the good stuff, and giving a false image that life's great. Everyone has their own problems to deal with, and blogging is a way to let it out as well. So well, if anyone who's reading this is feeling like crap, don't worry you're not alone!


Lucky I didn't end off this post earlier today! I'm now typing this whilst Kaitlin is asleep. I've to say the past couple of hours definitely made my day better, and I'm less sad about life. Thanks to Daddy Li who brought me go-karting! He didn't know that I was feeling sad, he just brought me cos it was part of his birthday plan for me. I'm glad that it was timely cos the go-karting experience definitely helped me to release. I'll blog more about that soon, but meantime I'm just gonna rest and try to deal with whatever it is I'm going through.

Like I said earlier on, if you're going through a bad time now, don't worry you're not alone! We all have our own ways with dealing with whatever we are going through..just that I'm taking a realllyyyy long time..hope you readers do understand. Let's hope that by the end of the month, I'll be back to normal :) Meanwhile, enjoy August! There's two public holidays which also means a really long weekend coming up...looking forward to spending lots of fam fam time with Daddy Li and K!

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