Sunday 18 August 2013

Kaitlin is 23 months old!

Kaitlin turned 23 months old yesterday! One more month till her big TWO. So happy and I can't wait to celebrate her turning two. We don't have any plans for a birthday party, but I'm just excited that she turns another year older. At the same time, I of course also do feel sad that my baby is growing up so fast. Sometimes I wish I could still carry her like an infant and for her to just let me carry her so I can stare into her eyes. These days she'll barely stand or sit still for me to even wipe her mouth clean. Sigh, grow up so fast :')

Kaitlin's learning more and more new words everyday. She's able to repeat the words we teacher her most of the time.
Whenever Kaitlin learns a new word, she usually says it in a high-pitch voice which so is friggin cute! Then as time passes, it just becomes like normal pitch and tone..and we miss all the cuteness! Examples include 'no', 'sorry' and 'thank you'.
She's also able to form more short sentences to express her needs and wants. For example 'Daddy, orh orh', 'Mummy, come sit' and 'I want more'.
Starting to call me "Mummy' beside the usual 'Mama'. Able to also say 'God Pa','God Ma' and 'Shu Shu'. Pronunciation isn't really there but at least she can say it and knows who is who.
We manage to teach Kaitlin to say 'I love you'! Yayyyy!!!! Pronunciation is not quite there and I'm not sure if she knows what it means, but we are still very happy parents hehe.

We've also been teaching her manners like 'please' and 'thank you'. She usually repeats after us which is great.
Also teaching her 'good morning', 'good night' (she'll usually just say 'night') and 'zao an'.
Kaitlin is able to predict and say what's next. For example we usually teach her to say 'wo ai mama and papa very much' and when we try to get her to repeat after us word for word, she'll skip the word we are asking her to repeat and just say the next word. That's quite good I feel.
Uses the word 'mine'. Think she might be starting to understand the concept of self.
Kaitlin is able to count to 3!

She's more open to our friends who visit, and isn't as shy as before. She also takes a faster time to warm up which is awesome.
Kaitlin's able to walk up and down the stairs confidently when we are outside. She usually holds our hands to climb the stairs if we are not at home so it's great to see that she has more confidence in herself.
Her confidence has also improved in terms of her speech. She is more verbal in class and when there are other people around. She used to only mainly speak when we are at home only when no stranger is paying attention to her. Kaitlin is able to take off and put on her own pants and undergarments. Funny part is she can't really pull her the back of her pants up cos her hands aren't long enough so we help  her pull it up a little and she does the rest herself.
Able to take off her socks and shoes and keep it in the correct place.

She loves to go to the pool although she doesn't really swim and just chills in her float and walks around the pool. She gets super excited whenever we tell her we are going to the pool and will run to get her swimsuit, and she has a favourite one. She knows where the usual objects are placed and where to keep them specifically. For example, certain toys, towels, her swimsuits.
Loves to play with her toy kitchen. Future chef perhaps? Esp since she picked the spatula during her 'zhua zhou' ceremony last year.
Kaitlin can walk on tip toes.
She is able to blow her food.
Can do simple puzzles.
Shows interests in other kids and babies.

Potty training is going good. She is able to pass urine on the potty as well. There are times when she ends up pooping in her diapers but we just remind her to tell us that she needs to go potty if she has to poop. No pressure cos we don't want her to end up hating it.
Is in a throwing phase. Likes to throw things around which isn't a good thing so we've been trying to teach her.
She still has bad tantrums, really hoping that we are able to teach and guide her in the right way.

Terrible Twos can be such a horrible stage to go through, as the name itself suggests. We all hope for it to be over soon, but at the same time I guess it's a good challenge for Daddy Li and myself. We learn to be more patient and deal with each situation/tantrum.

We're happy to see that she's doing well in school, and that she's meeting almost all the milestones for her age. Of course every kid develops at their own pace so there should be no pressure, but this does make me worry less. This last month before she turns two, I'm just gonna spend as much as time as I possibly can with her and just try and remember all of it and spam taking pictures and videos. Afterall, she is only gonna ever be this small and young once. 

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